Stanley Cup Contenders

Are These Three Teams Stanley Cup Contenders?

The Thanksgiving holiday marks the unofficial first quarter mark of the NHL season. As people in the United States sit down for their turkey,...
Goalie tandems in the central division

The Best and Worst Goalie Tandems in the Central Division So...

Today's NHL teams focus on having a good tandem of goalies who can both be relied on to win games. With that in mind, here are the best and worst goalie tandems in the Central Division so far this season.
most dominant goal scorers in NHL history

The 5 Most Dominant Goal Scorers in NHL History

There have been many discussions throughout the years on who are the most dominant goal scorers in NHL history.
NHL season

3 Teams Off to a Surprising Start this NHL Season

We are approximately 10% of the way through the NHL season, so that means it is officially time to make judgments about how some teams have started.