Elias Pettersson Elite

Is Elias Pettersson Elite? It’s Time to Consider it.

Is Elias Pettersson Elite: Since Elias Pettersson's first game in the NHL where he drove down the middle hard and wired a clapper
Quinn Hughes Comments

The Shocking Quinn Hughes Comments “Heard ‘Round the League”

It may be obvious to even the most casual fan of the Vancouver Canucks that something is amiss in the locker room. The shocking...

Zubmania: Why Is Artem Zub A New Fan Favourite in Ottawa?

The phenomenon now being called, "Zubmania" has officially taken over Twitter feeds on Ottawa Senators' game days. Although the Senators are in fact a...
Vancouver Canucks Report Card

Vancouver Canucks Report Cards: First Quarter, Top Six

With fourteen games down, we are a quarter of the way through the 2021 NHL COVID-shortened season. It is time to give out the...