Unconventional NFL Offseason Training Videos and Their Intended Benefits

The NFL offseason is a time when players focus on improving their skills, strength, and overall performance. In recent years, social media has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at the unconventional training methods employed by some of the league’s biggest stars.

This week we have gotten to see a new Russell Wilson workout video that left many fans wondering what he is doing. Each year a new video comes out making us question its purpose, these videos have always sparked curiosity and raised questions about their effectiveness. So let’s answer the question, “Why?”

Unique Ways to Workout

Russell Wilson: Sliding Catches and Weightlifting

Russell Wilson has become known for his athleticism and ability to extend plays. In this off-season workout video, we see Wilson incorporating sliding while catching and weightlifting into his training routine. The purpose behind these unconventional exercises is to enhance his agility, hand-eye coordination, and overall body control.

By practicing sliding movements while catching snaps, Wilson simulates game situations where he may need to adjust his body position while maintaining control of the football. Sliding on this slippery surface challenges his balance and requires him to react quickly and maintain stability, enhancing his overall agility and footwork.

Additionally, incorporating weightlifting into this exercise adds an extra challenge. Lifting weights while sliding forces Wilson to generate power and explosiveness from an unstable position. This can help him develop core strength, stability, and overall body control, which are crucial for quarterbacks to make accurate throws and maintain control of the ball in challenging game situations.

Alvin Kamara: Jeep-Pulling Squat Rack


Alvin Kamara, the star running back for the New Orleans Saints, caught the attention of fans in the 2018 offseason with this jaw-dropping workout video. After winning the 2017 Offensive Rookie of the Year, Kamara was lifting a squat rack loaded with two 45lbs weights while simultaneously pulling a jeep by his waist. This unique exercise aims to develop his lower body strength, explosive power, and core stability.

By combining resistance training with unconventional strength-building movements, Kamara challenges his muscles and central nervous system in new and demanding ways. The jeep-pulling element adds a dynamic and functional component, simulating the resistance encountered during bursts of speed and tackling attempts. This intense workout helps Kamara enhance his ability to break tackles and maintain balance while carrying the ball.

Jameis Winston: Towel-Throwing Antics

This list wouldn’t be complete without off-season workout extraordinaire, Jameis Winston.¬† The charismatic quarterback for the New Orleans Saints has garnered a lot of attention for his interesting approach to off-season training. In this video that went viral, Winston is seen mimicking a throwing motion with a towel in his hand instead of a football. While it may appear unconventional, this exercise serves a purpose in developing his grip strength, hand dexterity, and wrist mobility.

By throwing a towel, Winston challenges his hand and wrist muscles to generate force and control the movement. This exercise helps improve his ability to grip and release the football with accuracy and power. Additionally, it can assist in preventing hand and wrist injuries by strengthening the muscles involved in ball handling. Moving his feet while doing this also adds to his footwork, the dog is a fun added touch.

Main Image:  Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

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