Trent Frederic

Trent Frederic Key in Bruins Success Early On

The Boston Bruins have started the season off hot once again and it comes to the surprise of many. Following the departure of some key veterans and top talents, many expected some significant regression from Bruins. However, Trent Frederic and other young talents have provided the Bruins with some great additions to their bottom six and have been key in the Bruins’ success early on.

Trent Frederic Key in Bruins Success Early On

Physicality Over Everything

Ever since the departure of Milan Lucic a number of years ago, the Bruins have longed for a physical presence to support their quick and high-powered scoring offense. For the past couple of seasons, it seemed the B’s were shying away from their gritty style of play that we’ve known for years. Not to say that style of play didn’t translate to wins, but their lack of physical play in the playoffs seems to have hurt them in the past couple of runs. In step Trent Frederic.

Frederic has just two goals on the season, but his presence in front of the net has opened the door for his linemates to create space and for his d-men to do so as well. He’s not an easy man to move away from the net, and this will become enormously important come playoff time.

Frederic has been with a number of lin partners this season and is currently on the left side beside Charlie Coyle and Jake Debrusk on the third line. With some injuries early on the lines have been shaken up a bit, but Frederic’s game has yet to change. He’s not afraid to bang you up in the corner and he’s certainly not afraid to drop the gloves when necessary either.

Puck Possession Supports the Top Six

One of the biggest problems with the Bruins in recent years was how unsatisfactory their depth play was at times. The Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille days are over, and there has been a bit of a lull in terms of who solidifies that bottom six. Trent Frederic has stepped gracefully into that third-line role, and it’s working wonders for the Bruins in a number of ways.

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Frederic has maintained an above 50% Corsi For this season, meaning that when Frederic is on the ice, Boston controls the puck more than half the time. The main gripe with this Bruins team before the season was that there were too many rookies and not enough veterans. Those rookies, especially Trent Frederic, have found exactly what they need to be doing to keep this team successful. It’s not about the numbers just yet for these guys, it’s about finding your role and perfecting it.

Frederic doesn’t need to pack the stats sheet with a 25 goal season. He’s got enough talent in other aspects of the game to really provide this team with a winning formula. Some fantastic line chemistry early on has provided the Bruins with a puck dominant third line, which is exactly what they need to support their top six.

Return to Normalcy

We hear all the time about how the “eye test” is the best judgment for hockey players. It’s not so much how well their numbers fill up the stats sheet, rather how their play pushes a team to the next level. Trent Frederic gives the Bruins what they’ve been longing for; a physical and dynamic forward to support that bottom six and indirectly support their top six as well.

Frederic has all the tools to become a great player in the big league. His net-front presence puts him in a great position to score nearly every shift, while his large frame keeps the opposition chasing him and his linemates. His game screams Bruins hockey and it’s somewhat of a return to normalcy for hardcore Boston fans who have watched their team struggle to grasp an identity.

Too many times goals and assists are the only numbers many of us care about. Trent Frederic has certainly been key in the Bruins’ success early on, without providing too many flashy numbers. It’s a welcoming sight to a hopeful cup contender.

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