Three NFL Players That Need New Teams

It’s to closely examine three players that will benefit other teams and themselves if they were moved from the teams they are on now. These players are just wasting their talents in the situations that they are in now. Either they are not being used properly or not being used at all or their great potential is just being overlooked. If these players were moved into the right situation, they would explode.

Three NFL Players Who Need A Change of Scenery

Justin Fields

Justin Fields is a great talent and has always been a great talent. He has shown flashes of greatness in college and throughout his young NFL career. The Bears did not equip him with the staff that he needed to make him a really elite NFL quarterback.

Matt Nagy and his staff are the ones who drafted him in the 2021 draft. He was drafted as the fourth quarterback off the board in the first found. Even though the team moved up in the draft to go and get Fields, they still gave Andy Dalton the starting role so the offense was tailored to fit Dalton. Injuries plagued Dalton in that season which caused him to miss a lot of time. So the Bears ended up having to play Fields in Dalton’s place. He only played eight games that season.

In 2022, Justin Fields had a QBR of only 53.9 which ranked him 17th amongst all quarterbacks in the NFL. This season, the Bears look like they did not do anything to improve his situation. They gave him an alpha receiver in the offseason trade that took place, but as of right now that offensive line is ranked 21st in the NFL.

Jerry Jeudy

The next player to discuss is Jerry Jeudy. He has shown a lot of flashes since he was drafted in 2020. He has been hampered by bad quarterback play, a few different coaches, and a few injuries. There has not been any kind of consistency since he has been drafted.

He came into the league being branded as a top-notch route runner but has not been able to show it on a consistent basis. He hasn’t had a 1,000-yard season yet but has come close in the two seasons that he has played 15 or more games. In his rookie year in 2020, he caught 52 receptions out of 113 targets. As a rookie, he was ranked 11th among wide receivers in efficiency and everybody just knew he was going to have his breakout year in 2021, with good reason.

His talents are going to waste in Denver because now he is not getting the work he should. Plus, Russell Wilson is showing his own decline.

Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts was drafted to be a generational talent at the tight end position, but it has not come to pass yet.

He had one of the best rookie seasons in history, almost breaking Mike Ditka‘s record as far as yards at the tight end position for a rookie. That season, he only had one touchdown.

Pitts’ ceiling is really being capped because of the run-heavy offense that he is in. He is not being used how a lot of people think he should be used. The targets are not coming to him as they should. He should be in an offense that features the tight end a little more. Arthur Smith has always had a real run-heavy approach, so you would question why he would waste that high of a pick to get someone with that type of skill set and not use him. He is one of the top candidates who could use a change of scenery so he can shine and help an offense that would appreciate the talent that he brings.

These three players are elite talents who are being hampered by the teams that they are on. Hopefully, for their sake and ours as consumers of the sport, they will be moved to places where they will be more appreciated.

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