Thank You for Everything David Wright

New York Mets captain and third baseman David Wright officially played in his last game on Saturday night. David was a lot more than just a player to myself, and all other Mets fans. I’ve been trying to find the ‘Wright’ words to thank David for a month now.. so here goes nothing!

Thank You Captain…

For Making me a Mets Fan

First of all, thank you David Wright. Thank you for bringing me over to the bright side and making me the Mets fan I am today. Sadly I was in a confused state between the Mets and Yankees at the time. With a little help from my family, watching you play dragged me over to orange and blue for life and made me the diehard I am today.

For Being My Role Model

Growing up, you were my guy. I always tried to emulate you as much as i could on the diamond. Although, I was a lefty so it was hard to try to be you. I always wanted to change and make that signature barehanded play, but coaches wouldn’t let me play third. But at the plate… Elbow up, little circles with the bat, and of course, tongue out… The David Wright way!

So, thank you David for being the best role model a kid could ask for. I can’t think of any better ball player to want to be as a kid. You carry yourself in such a tremendous way both on and off the field. Meeting you earlier this year was easily one of the greatest days of my life. Just reading all of the little things you went out of your way to do during your career is incredible… you’re truly incredible. You are the blueprint ball player both on and off the field. You are genuine, kind, and down to earth. All young ballplayers should try to be half the man and player you are.

For Showing Us Loyalty and Dedication

Also David, thank you for showing us what loyalty and dedication is. Trust me, us Mets fans all know how hard sticking with this team is. Time and time again this team continues to pick us up and let us down, particularly over the past couple of years.

Through it all, you were right there with us. The collapse, the rebuild, and then the celebration. You were right there with us through it all. You never gave up on this team or this fan base. You are the face of the franchise, and a damn good one with that. As you said in your postgame speech, this is love, and you are one of us David!

Always Giving it 110%

David you gave everything you had left in the tank for a team that honestly did not deserve you. Thank you for all of your hard work and determination over the past couple of years. Just saying spinal stinosis hurts me. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain and work you went though to get yourself back to doing what you love.

The way you fought and battled is truly heroic and admirable. Even with all the doubters talking you gave 110% up until the very end, and truly left it all out there. For that, I think I speak for Mets fans everywhere when I say we can never thank you enough.

Last Word

Lastly, thank you David for being our Captain. And with that, for bring the best Captain an organization could ask for. Thank you for everything, all the unforgettable memories, and for being more than just another baseball player. There will never be another player like David Wright, and for that we can not thank you enough!

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