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MLB Manager Carousel Craziness

Every Major League Baseball (MLB) offseason features numerous teams having to hire new managers due to retirements, poaching by other clubs, or firings by ownership after disappointing seasons. Acquiring new leadership is often the first order of business before focusing on improving rosters via the trade and free-agency markets. The San Francisco Giants, San Diego

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2023 Mid-Season MLB Cy Young Predictions

The first half of the MLB season has come to an end and while we still have more baseball to watch, there’s been lots of talk about the Cy Young Award and who’s at odds to win. The Cy Young Award is awarded yearly to the best pitchers in both the American and National League. Back in the 1950s, commissioner Ford Frick felt that pitchers deserved to have their own award in baseball and not to be categorized under MVP. So, in 1956 The Cy Young Award was named after half-of-fame pitcher Cy Young who passed away in 1955. So, let’s take a look at some of the predictions for this year’s Cy Young Award winner.

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