Six Jets Players Who Could Be Moved At the Trade Deadline

With the trade deadline approaching soon, the New York Jets are likely to be sellers. The team is currently in rebuild mode and will likely be trading off pieces from the previous regime.

This season wasn’t expected to be a good year for the Jets. But no one expected the team to play this horribly. The defense has suffered a heavy regression, despite being one of the league’s best defenses in 2019. The offense continues to struggle due to suspect playcalling and lack of skill players.

It seems that the team has quit on head coach Adam Gase and are just collecting checks at this point. Some players are likely to be moved at the trade deadline and the likely return is a bundle of picks. Let’s see who will likely be moved at the deadline.

Six Jets Players Who Could Be Moved At the Trade Deadline

1. FSĀ Marcus Maye

Marcus Maye being traded would be no surprise to anyone. Ever since Adam Gase was hired as head coach for the Jets, Maye has been swirling around in trade rumors.

Before Jamal Adams was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, Gang Green drafted California safety, Ashtyn Davis. The thought process was Davis would replace Maye because of the latter’s expiring contract.

Coming into the season, Marcus Maye was ready to prove to the Jets that he should be re-signed in free agency. Maye was coming off of a career year in 2019.

After an impressive performance in the season opener against the Buffalo Bills, Maye has regressed ever since. He is nowhere to be seen on the field, outside of a buttocks interception against the Miami Dolphins. Also, Maye is missing tackles consistently.

Despite his struggles, Marcus Maye has no help around him and it doesn’t look like he has a future here.

2. Outside Linebacker Jordan Jenkins

Another possible player on the trading block, Jordan Jenkins also has an expiring contract. He was re-signed to a one-year contract in April after not getting a formal offer from any team.

Throughout his career, Jenkins has never been much of anything outside of an edge setter. He’s often compared to former Jets like Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace. Jenkins didn’t open too many eyes in college at Georgia, averaging five sacks a season.

The con of trading Jenkins is you would be trading your best edge rusher. The Jets would also be trading their best locker room guy. He’d be one of the only locker room leaders left due to the departures of Jamal Adams, Le’Veon Bell, and Steve McLendon.

The benefit of trading Jenkins would be getting at least a fourth or fifth-rounder for him. Plus, he could reach his potential with elite players around him.

3. Inside Linebacker Avery Williamson

Avery Williamson remains another possible player who could be moved at the deadline. It’s certainly been brought up before.

Williamson is another Jets player who will hit free agency this offseason. In 2018, he signed a three-year contract with New York. That season was Williamson’s best. He recorded 120 tackles, three sacks, eight pressures, and eight tackles for loss. Williamson was graded as the fifth-best run-stopping linebacker by Pro Football Focus that year

With the addition of star linebacker C.J. Mosley in 2019, he and Avery Williamson looked to be a deadly duo. Unfortunately, that was put to a stop. In the second quarter of the second Jets preseason game, Williamson tore his ACL while in pass coverage. That would be the dagger to end Williamson’s season.

Coming into 2020, reports began to swirl around that Williamson could be cut after the pre-season. The team recently signed former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Onwuasor in free agency. Plus, second-year linebacker Blake Cashman began moving up the depth chart.

By moving Avery Williamson at the trade deadline, the New York Jets would save $4.7 million in cap space.

One trade partner the Jets could work with is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Recently, second-year linebacker Devin Bush tore his ACL in Week 6’s contest against the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers will definitely be looking at the trade deadline for inside linebacker options.

4. Nickel Cornerback Brian Poole

Signed to a one-year deal last season, not much was expected out of Brian Poole last season. Before his time with the Jets, he’d been an average nickel corner with the Atlanta Falcons. That would change course.

In 2019, Brian Poole became the Jets’ best cornerback that season. Not only that, he was graded as the NFL’s ninth-best cornerback by Pro Football Focus. In pass coverage, he graded out to a proficient 80. Arguably, he was the NFL’s best nickel cornerback that season.

In 2020, Brian Poole was re-signed by the Jets to a one-year contract. So far, Poole hasn’t changed much. Pro Football Focus has graded him out to an 82. Poole has been overlooked because of the defense’s regression.

When thinking about trading Brian Poole, the Jets shouldn’t be thinking about the return they get. They’ll likely get a third, fourth, or fifth-rounder. But, which team really needs a nickel cornerback? Could the Los Angeles Rams use an upgrade at the nickel corner position?

Anyways, Poole would be commended more if he was on a contending team. Not the New York Jets.

5. Slot Receiver Jamison Crowder

Jamison Crowder on the trading block would definitely shock some people. But, it might seem realistic. Crowder has one year left on his contract and the Jets might be willing to move him. He would be moved because of the return the team would get and general manager Joe Douglas is trying to bring in his own guys.

Ever since signing with the Jets in 2019, Jamison Crowder has been their leading receiver and a reliable threat on offense. He’s also been the slot presence that had been missed since Eric Decker was released. Last season, Crowder recorded a career-high 78 receptions for 833 yards with six touchdowns. He also averaged 13.2 yards per catch.

Although he’s missed two games this season, Crowder has not disappointed. In three of four games played, he has recorded 100 receiving yards. He continues to be the team’s most reliable receiver.

The con of trading Jamison Crowder would be damaging Sam Darnold‘s growth. Not like it is already damaged.

But, the benefit of trading Crowder is the compensation return should be good.

6. Defensive End Quinnen Williams

The casual fan would think it’s hard to believe that Quinnen Williams would be on the trade block. It was reported that general manager Joe Douglas would take offers on Williams but wouldn’t actually trade him unless it’s an offer he can’t refuse. It’s unlikely a trade happens for Williams but it may interest some teams. Duly noted, Williams was not a draft pick made by Douglas.

The start of Quinnen Williams’ career has been up and down. Last season, Williams underwhelmed as the third overall pick from the 2019 NFL Draft. Williams recorded 28 tackles, two sacks, four tackles for loss, and 11 pressures. He showed potential in being a good run-stopper but didn’t excel at making the quarterback uncomfortable.

So far, Quinnen Williams has put up two sacks, 24 tackles, three pressures, and four tackles for loss. He has peaked this year but he hasn’t been consistent.

It’s hard to give up on such young talent like Quinnen Williams. He is only 22 years old. Williams is strongly considered to be a franchise piece for the New York Jets.

The benefit of trading Williams would be a good compensation return. Plus, Quinnen Williams could be around better players, depending on where he is traded.

It’s unlikely he gets traded.

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