Ranking The Top Five Stadiums in College Football

Every year, millions of fans pack in stadiums all around the country to watch some of the best college football teams in the nation. Here is a look at the top five stadiums in the NCAA.

The Five Greatest Stadiums in College Football

5) Rose Bowl Stadium

Built in 1922, the Rose Bowl Stadium is home to the UCLA Bruins football program and the annual Rose Bowl game played on January 1st. One of the most historic and iconic stadiums of all time, Rose Bowl Stadium is officially recognized as a National Historic Landmark. While the stadium hasn’t seen much success with UCLA as the home team, many champions have been crowned here as the venue has hosted five Super Bowls to go along with the annual bowl game.

4) Kyle Field

Kyle Field underwent a historic renovation starting in 2013 that solidified its place in the top five stadiums on my list. While it may not have the history of others on this list, the transition of this stadium has been significant. Originally built in 1904, wooden bleachers were put in place that held a capacity of just 500 people.

By 1953, the capacity was raised to 41,500. Following the success of the Johnny Manziel era in which the school raised hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket and merchandise sales, Kyle Field was expanded to fit over 102,000 fans. Texas A&M spent over $485 million on the project, adding a new strength and conditioning center, and lowering the surface of the field to add more seats. All these improvements have made Kyle Field a sight to see and one of the best stadiums in college football.

3) Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in college football and the third-largest stadium in the entire world. Because of this, it is a no-brainer to make this list. The venue holds an official capacity of 107,601 people and has held crowds in excess of 115,000 people. Built in 1927, it only cost Michigan University $950,000 (equivalent to $12 million in 2023), which is remarkable considering the fact that the original capacity was 72,000. Not only does Michigan Stadium host football games, but it has also hosted hockey and soccer games, graduations, and presidential speeches.

2) Ohio Stadium

Nicknamed the Horseshoe due to its shape, Ohio Stadium is truly a sight to see. The stadium was designed by Howard Dwight Smith and he opted for the horseshoe shape so the curve ensured the crowd always faced the field. Certain elements of the stadium were modeled after the dome at the Pantheon in Rome. Upon completion, Ohio Stadium was the largest poured concrete structure in the world. The stadium’s unique design combined with the passion and intensity of fans of the decorated program makes it a solid bet for number two on our list.

1) Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium is a venue that you absolutely must see in your lifetime. While Penn State hasn’t reached the heights under James Franklin that the program saw under legendary head coach Joe Paterno, hundreds of thousands of fans flock from all over the country just to see this historic stadium. Every year, the stadium hosts a white-out game, encouraging all fans in attendance to wear white shirts and it creates an electric atmosphere that is like no other.

Whether Penn State is playing a rival, an FCS team, or a powerhouse, Beaver Stadium will be packed to the brim, which makes it one of the toughest venues for opposing teams to play at on the road. All of these factors make Beaver Stadium the number one stadium in college football.

These venues are the best of the best. Each stadium has its own story to tell, and they are hallowed grounds where memories are etched into the hearts of college football fans everywhere.

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