Top 5 Offensive Chicago Cubs Studs

Who is the best hitter on the Chicago Cubs? There are many choices of course, many who are more than capable defensively and offensively. Here are the top 5 offensive Chicago Cubs.

Top 5 Offensive Chicago Cubs Studs

5. Javier Baez

Baez is truly remarkable to watch defensively. But when hitting is concern, there are a few things he needs to do if he is to realize his offensive potential. First off, he needs to focus on cutting out his leg kick. When he kicks, his swing becomes unlevel, which results in chasting pitches outside the zone. But when he does get his hits, he seems to be one of the more balanced hitters on the team—14 HRs and 59 RBIs shows his balance. If he were to be able to cut down his SOR he will be a superstar at the plate.

4. Addison Russell

Earlier in the 2016 season Russell was more of a base hitter than a power hitter. That seemed to change throughout the course of the season and into the playoff, when his three homeruns tied for first on the team. Another surprising statistic was his slugging, placing second on the team behind Rizzo with a .591. In this forthcoming season, Russell will be breaking out as a power hitter, and potentially could even be batting in the four spot as some point.

Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant is a power hitter who can change the motion, which he proved time and time again last season. Kris does have one downfall to his performance at the plate—he strikes out too much. Last season he led the team in strikeouts with 154. He needs to start hitting for contact, which should limit his strikeouts. It would be nice to see him take the ‘Rizzo approach’ and choke up on two strike counts.

2. Ben Zobrist

The most reliable hitter on the team posting a .386 OBP in 2016 has cemented himself as the embodiment of consistency. His ability to pull the ball down the line resulted in 31 doubles and three triples. That may be his biggest advantage as a hitter and another reason why he should have been the leadoff man instead of Schwarber.

1. Anthony Rizzo

The longest tenured Cub and team captain, Anthony Rizzo is by far the best and smartest hitter on the Cubs. His home run hitting is obvious, but it’s his ability to get contact on the ball, choking up on a two-strike count to ensure his chances of a base hit that makes him special. Rizzo is a true team player, putting team needs ahead of personal accolades. Last season, Rizzo had a slugging of .544, 32 homeruns, .292 AVG and 170 hits.

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