NFL Teams That Could Break the 2024 Draft

The NFL Free Agency period is just around the corner, and some big names are looking for their next places to call home. A handful of teams are better equipped to lure in impactful starters than others, whether by salary cap room or results from last season. But for those who may not fare in free agency as well as they’d like, the upcoming draft will be the perfect place to start filling in their biggest position needs.

Here are a few teams that could make huge impacts in the upcoming draft, post-free agency.

Teams Who Could Break the 2024 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are sitting comfortably with not only the number one pick in the draft, but with the ninth overall pick as well. But they still face a big question that has yet to boast an answer; “Do the Bears move on from Justin Fields or not?” Either choice will no doubt send shockwaves throughout the league. Nevertheless, Chicago has arguably the best draft positions in 2024 and they will surely use them to great effect. Hopefully, they will get the pieces necessary to complete the rebuild and compete for the postseason sooner rather than later.

Washington Commanders

New management? Check. New coaching staff? Check. New stadium? Ugh…hopefully. But right now, the Commanders will have to focus their time and energy on constructing an impactful roster. With the number two pick in the next draft and the most cap room in the NFL, Washington has plenty of resources to work with.

But they better form a game plan for both free agency and the draft. Not only are they outgunned roster-wise by the rest of the NFC East, but also the rebuilding process will not be an overnight fix. Patience is a virtue and one that’s difficult to come by.

Tennessee Titans

With the departure of head coach, Mike Vrabel, and the looming split with Derrick Henry, the Tennessee Titans have hit the “Reset” button and commenced the rebuild phase. Only Washington has more cap room than Tennessee does, and the Titans have one of the youngest rosters in the league. Needless to say, the team has some glaring issues to address.

It is nice that Tennessee has a new stadium in the works. But the roster should take priority moving forward, including the wide receiver position. Newly-appointed general manager, Ran Carthon, will have to play all of his cards right in free agency and the draft to revamp both team morale and performance. Their spot at number seven in the 2024 draft could be a good place for him to start.

Houston Texans

If they did it once, who’s to say they cannot do it again? The Houston Texans put the entire league on notice throughout 2023: from taking both C.J. Stroud AND Will Anderson Jr. second and third overall, to coming from behind and taking the AFC South title. It does not sound farfetched to believe that the Texans could replicate the gutsy approach this year.

But their draft position is not very good to bring in the most sought-after prospects (23rd overall in 2024). They do have very good salary cap room coming into free agency, and some big names are up for grabs. With their 11-6 record and a playoff win from last season, Houston ought to capitalize on the opportunity to tighten the remaining loose ends.

Main Image:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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