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5 Most Rabid Southern NFL Fanbases

There’s just something about football in the south. Maybe it’s the southern charm fading into the ultimate competitive spirit, or maybe it’s just nice to be yourself amongst 80,000 other family members. One thing is certain, if you drive far enough south in the United States, you’ll run into some super fans! Here are the five southern NFL teams with the most rabid fans!

The 5 Most Rabid Southern NFL Fanbases

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

Let’s hear it for DUUUUUUUUVVAAAAALLLL county! Maybe this is shocking to you, but this franchise is just barely old enough to rent a car! Regardless of just how young this franchise is in comparison to the league, their fans are some of the rowdiest in the league.

Now, it’s easy to poke fun at the lack of success this team has shown in terms of Super Bowl glory, but they have two division championships in the last five years and did win a playoff game this past season. This past season, the gate admission increased by $50 million from the year prior according to, which was their third highest all-time!

They have their franchise quarterback and coach, they’re winning games, and the fans are taking notice. Next time you take a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, yell out “DUUUVALLL” and see just how many responses you get!

4. Carolina Panthers

Another southern NFL team that is still a baby in terms of years in the league, the Panthers have fans throughout the south and the country! The reason is, they have been at the doorsteps of success multiple times for all the world to see.

Whether it was quarterback Jake Delhomme duking it out against Tom Brady in a Super Bowl, or Rockstar Cam Newton taking on Peyton Manning (both of which were SEC quarterbacks drafted #1 overall) this team has been to Super Bowls…and lost! That’s why they’re lower on the list than others.

With the likes of Steve Smith, Cam Newton, and Luke Kuechly among many other talented greats, this franchise always seems to give its fans what they want: a competitive team that gives all their supporters a competitive watch. Good luck trying to win at this stadium, with Panther statues out front striking fear into the hearts of visiting fans!

3. Atlanta Falcons

Coming in just ahead of the others by a nose is our only football team in the great state of Georgia. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that our favorite southern peach loves their football, so Atlanta being the heart and soul of the state, you know there will be some madness in the crowd.

Whether it was the glory days of the electric Michael Vick, or the Super Bowl collapse we witnessed with Matt Ryan, I do declare that these fans will continue to show up and support a team that has seen its fair share of controversy and sorrow. It would have been easy to stay negative and denounce your fandom after the Super Bowl collapse, but this fanbase always shows up in droves.

This past season, they averaged 69,000+ fans per home game in what could compete as the nicest stadium in the NFL. Make sure when you get your tickets, you show up in your Falcons jersey, or you could be subjected to some intense (but ever so charming) trash talk!

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Taking home the silver medal is arguably the most successful of the southern NFL teams. Whether it was back in the Chucky days of Jon Gruden and the formidable Tampa 2 defense, or just recently with “Tom”pa Bay, this team gives their fans exactly what they want. Titles!

There has been a litany of Hall of Fame players and coaches that have gone through the doors here and that’s something that fans will never get tired of. Take earplugs with you, especially if your team is bad. Every time this team scores, a real-life cannon is shot off! So whether you’re a casual fan that likes to enjoy a brew or two or you’re the Jack Sparrow look-alike raising the Jolly Roger, you know that if the Buccaneers are playing, the fans are just a little more into it than you!

That being said, there is one fanbase above the others…

1. New Orleans Saints

When you’re a Saints fan, every home game may as well be Mardi Gras! You’ve had a Hall-of-Fame coach and quarterback at the helm for the better part of the last decade and a half prior to this year. You’ve won a Super Bowl and overcome a tremendous tragedy! AS A TEAM!

Sean Payton may be one of the sports great bookies the way he gambled on that onside kick in the Super Bowl! You can see an excellent example of a great bookie that gives you this range with Draftkings Louisiana. So whether you’re a fan of Bourbon Street and all there is to offer, or just love visiting NFL team stadiums, when you go to New Orleans make sure you bet on the Saints to win their game! 

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