MLB trade rumours

MLB Trade Rumours: Three Players the Jays are Eyeing

The upcoming trade deadline for MLB is set for August 1st and now that the All-Star break is over trade season has begun. The Toronto Blue Jays are looking like buyers with the trade deadline and looking to add and supplement what they already have. There have been talks that the Blue Jays are looking to possibly add a starting pitcher to the rotation. But at the same time if the Jays are serious about contention they need hitters. Adding another hot bat would heighten the Jays’ offense, which is something they really need. Jays need to avoid leaving runners on base, which has been a big issue this season. Let’s take a look at three players that have come up in trade rumours with the Blue Jays.

Three Players the Jays Are Eyeing During Trade Season

Jordan Montgomery

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the Jays should go after Jordan Montgomery or instead focus on spiking up the offense. Montgomery currently pitches for the St. Louis Cardinals and he’s what you call consistent. In his last seven starts, he has a record of 4-1 with an ERA of 1.48. For his career, he has a record of 34-30 with an ERA of 3.75.

He is a pitcher that would be comfortable pitching in the AL East. Let’s not forget when he got traded from the New York Yankees to the Cardinals last year. With Alek Manoah and Hyun Jin Ryu returning the Jays may not go this route with Montgomery but he is still a viable option. The Jays need Maonoah to be an ace and that is not something that will be guaranteed.

Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger currently plays for the Chicago Cubs and according to a Twitter poll vote the Jays have a 34.5% chance of attaining him. He’s a player that could help boost the Jays lineup. In his last seven games, he has recorded 12 hits, two home runs, and six RBIs. Bellinger is having a stellar season and has continued to represent himself as a player that can provide consistent hitting with a 77% overall contact rate. The Jays could really use a player like this in their lineup as he also has experience playing in the postseason.

Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has been a name that has been coming up with trades and the Blue Jays. Lorenzen is having a good season with the Tigers recording a 1.14 WHIP. While his ERA is satisfactory at 4.03 he was still able to receive his first All-Star selection as a rookie, which was huge for him.

He proved that he deserved to be an All-Star by getting a big strikeout in the All-Star Game against Pete Alonso. Despite his record of 3-6 and his ERA, he is still a promising option for the Blue Jays. As a pitcher, his best asset and weapon is his fastball. Overall, he is what you would call an underrated but solid pitcher. The Jays have the tools to pull off this trade and Lorenzen could assist with expanding the rotation.

What Will Happen?

Anything could happen with the trade deadline as there are lots of speculations regarding rumours and trades. Hoping the Blue Jays will make some smart trades to help them advance to the postseason. They are looking to make a comeback after a so-so first half of the season. There have been many other players mentioned but these three players were spoken about the most over social media. It is an exciting and also nerve-racking time for the Jays but it will be interesting to see what they will do before August 1st.

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