Mets-Phillies London Series Recap

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies have wrapped up the third edition of the Major League Baseball London Series on Sunday, June 9, 2024. The two teams got a split of the two-game series. During the two games, so much happened to a point where it might make you learn a thing or two about these teams as we progress through the season. Here is a recap, as well as a few key takeaways from this weekend’s Mets-Phillies series in London.

Mets-Phillies London Series Key Takeaways

Mets starting pitching continues to struggle

In both games, Mets starters failed to make it to five innings in their outings in London. Sean Manaea only went 3.2 innings in Saturday’s game, in which the Mets lost 7-2 as the home team. On Sunday, Jose Quintana didn’t fare well either. He also went 3.2 innings in that game. So, the Mets had to use much of their bullpen in both games. It’s a good thing they have an off day on Monday.

It’s been a rough first couple of months of the season for the Mets starting pitching. This is a team that throughout the years has been known for its excellent starting pitching. Even in recent seasons, they were amazing — just think back to the Jacob deGrom days. However, it’s simply not the same this year. And, as if this isn’t bad enough, there aren’t many signs of reinforcements heading their way to help fix this issue. The only signs would be if they make a big trade for a starter by the July 30 deadline. That or they could sign someone who’s a free agent, on waivers, or whatever the case may be.

It’s very important to note that, according to Mets manager Carlos Mendoza, Kodai Senga likely won’t be ready to return before the All-Star break. So, that doesn’t help at all. If the Mets want to make a postseason run this year, they have to get their starting pitching figured out to possibly lead them to go on a surge and start a winning streak.

Jeff McNeil‘s return to the lineup

That’s right, there is finally a squirrel sighting in the Mets lineup after roughly four consecutive games away.

McNeil did well in his return on Sunday. he went 2-4 including a hit in the top of the ninth inning that helped the Mets get the rally started after being down 4-3 at that point. They would eventually go on to win by a score of 6-5.

With McNeil returning to the lineup and performing the way he did, that has to raise some questions about McNeil’s future. It was already being asked around by people regarding whether or not he was going to get traded or something like that. Now, the question should be something like “Should he stay or go?” Mendoza has said before that McNeil is the Mets second baseman, so we’ll pay close attention to what happens with him as the season goes on.

The Phillies offense remains on fire

The Phillies had their offense hungry for more runs, and that’s exactly what happened. They scored 5+ runs and hit multiple home runs in the two-game series.

They also took advantage of a key missed opportunity from the Mets. When Starling Marte didn’t catch a fly ball coming his way, the Phillies scored six runs in that one inning on Saturday and never looked back from there. Had Marte caught that ball, it would’ve ended the inning as there were two outs. You what they say — good teams take advantage of opposing teams’  mistakes, and that’s exactly what the Phillies did to the Mets. No wonder they have the best record in baseball.

Where do both teams stand after this series?

For the Phillies, they got a clear path to finish the season as division champions. Yes, it’s June, but with their record and performances so far, it would be a huge surprise if they have any setbacks at this point.

As for the Mets, while they seem to be playing a bit better, they still have a lot of work to do. Let’s see how they handle the upcoming home stand with the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres this week.

Overall, for both sides, it was a memorable experience in London for sure.

Main Image: Matthew Childs/Reuters via USA TODAY Sports

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