Lance Lynn Scheduled to Make His Dodgers Debut

With the Dodgers activating Lance Lynn before his August 1st debut against the A’s, the city of Los Angeles just entered their attitude era. You can add a pirouette and a crotch grab to the list of celebrations that the Dodgers already have. Lance Lynn is joining a starting rotation that is closing out the month of July with an ERA above 6.00. Lynn’s attitude and mound presence will help the Dodgers defend their pennant. 

After Lynn’s trade to the Dodgers, he will go from fourth place to playing for the pennant. As of July 31st, the Dodgers are two games ahead of the second-place Giants. His addition to the starting rotation will quickly improve aspects of the rotation that the Dodgers have been struggling with since the start of the season. 

Here are four aspects Lance Lynn will help improve

How Lance Lynn Will Help the Dodgers Rotation

Individual Stats

Trading for a pitcher who brings with him a 6-9 record and an ERA above 6.00 may not intrigue fan bases of a lot of teams around the league. Dodgers fans are not included in that list because of their admiration for Mark Prior and his track record. 

Last year, the Prior effect changed the career of Tyler Anderson. After joining the Dodgers, Anderson lowered his expected batting average from .259 to .225, his expected slugging percentage from .425 to .349, and expected earned run average from .421 to .310. Anderson’s improvements led to his signing a multi-year contract with the Angels where his numbers have gone up.

Lance Lynn’s contract is up next year but does include a team option, which means he is pitching for a contract. His numbers have not translated to wins. “When you look at ERA and wins and losses, it’s the worst I’ve had in my career,” Lynn said to the media after arriving in LA. “And then you look at strikeouts per nine and stuff like that, they’re the best I’ve ever had. It’s been a weird year.”

With a change of scenery and a new coaching staff that is proven to improve the career of pitchers, Lynn’s statistics are sure to change. 

Innings Pitch Increase

During the month of July, the Dodgers starting rotation only pitched six innings seven times out of 23 games. During this stretch, none of their starting pitchers pitched more than six innings. Innings from a starting pitcher have been scarce since Kershaw made his way to the injured list. 

Lynn has pitched more than five innings in all of his games with the White Sox except for two where he pitched four-plus innings. His workload will definitely help relieve some of the extra pressure the bullpen has felt this season. 

The Attitude  

The Dodgers are struggling in many aspects like starting pitching, injuries, and depth–areas where the team would usually dominate in previous years. Yet, they find themselves 2.0 games ahead of the National League West. One of the reasons this team connects at the right time could be a result of the fun the team is having. 

The list of celebrations continues to grow. They round the bases and pull the chain of the freight train, they raise their hands and groove to the hits anytime they reach a base. With the addition of Lynn to the starting rotation, the team can add a pirouette, yelling into the air, and a crotch grab to the list of celebrations. 

Lynn’s attitude on the mound is unmatched. His ability to get the crowd at the game going after a critical strike out with a scratch grab is priceless. His ability to have the crowd erupt into a seismic cheer with a simple pirouette after striking out a batter on their way to another October run will be invaluable. 

Lynn’s mound presence is the kind of attitude the rotation needs to get it rocking.

Main Image: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports 

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