Julio Jones Trade Rumors

Julio Jones Trade Rumors: Why the Patriots are the Best Fit

Julio Jones trade rumors have been going around for the last week now. Things are really starting to pick up now.

The Julio Jones trade rumors started, in my opinion, when the Falcons drafted Kyle Pitts in this year’s draft. With an aging Julio Jones, a star rookie tight end, and a receiver in Calvin Ridley who has proven to be reliable, one of them has to go. 

Jones seems to want out of Atlanta. After spending 10 years in Atlanta, the seven-time Pro Bowler finally wants out.

Julio Jones Trade Rumors: Why the Patriots are the Best Fit

Many teams have valid reasons as to why they are the best place for Julio Jones to land. Many say the Packers, so they could help bring Aaron Rodgers back and make him happy. 

Other people say the Chargers, to give Justin Herbert some more help after losing Hunter Henry this offseason. But perhaps none of those teams are as desperate for a #1 wide receiver as the New England Patriots

It doesn’t seem like they have had a top target since Rob Gronkowski left them a few years back. The pass-catching group hasn’t been the same. 

Wide Receiver Troubles

As mentioned previously, the Patriots haven’t had the best wide receivers over the last few years. Julian Edelman has stood out in some years though, especially in the 2019 season where he had over 1,000 receiving yards. 

But outside of that, the receivers have been pretty poor over the last two years. Jakobi Meyers was the top target last year, where he led the team with just 729 receiving yards. 

Though that may seem like a decent amount, it was consistency that killed them. There was no consistency in the passing game. This could also be argued that it was due to poor quarterback play.

While this isn’t on the topic of wide receivers, the Patriots also had the worst tight end group in the league. That didn’t help the passing game at all either, as the Pats were known for throwing to their tight end with Rob Gronkowski on the team. The tight ends did get better this offseason, as they signed Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry.

A Connection with Cam Newton

According to some reports, it has been reported that Julio Jones does have an interest in playing with Patriots quarterback, Cam Newton. 

This makes total sense. The two have a connection, since they played in the NFC South against each other twice a year, every year up until last year. 

They were both two of the top prospects in their draft class, as they were both drafted in 2011. Newton was drafted first overall, and Jones was selected sixth overall in that year’s draft. 

They both respect each other’s game and would definitely be great together. 

Competing with the Pats to Land Julio

Now it seems that the Patriots are the favorites to land Julio Jones, but there are competing offers. There is one team, in particular, that is also on his radar: the Tennessee Titans. 

The Titans are looking to gain back their number-one receiver, as they lost Corey Davis in free agency. They also lost Jonnu Smith in free agency, as he went and signed with the Patriots.

Tennessee’s offense relies heavily on Derrick Henry. But the Titans do still need a number one target for when Ryan Tannehill has to throw. 

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Julio Jones Trade Rumors

So with all of this being taken into account, it makes sense for the Pats to trade for Julio Jones. 

With no top wide receiver, they have to go and get one. This is a golden opportunity for them. With Atlanta having little-to-no cap space, the asking price shouldn’t be too high. 

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