Julio Jones is the Ultimate Professional

Let’s make no mistake about it, wide receiver and running back are probably the two positions with the most divas, with quarterback right behind them. Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones has every reason to be a diva. He has become the highest-paid receiver in the league—very well deserved on his part—yet, he quietly dispels the negativity of many NFL players today. He is a selfless team player and he personifies class both on and off the field.

Julio Jones is the Ultimate Professional

Leading By Example

Entering his ninth season, the six-time pro-bowler continues to be a quiet leader. Not overly outspoken, Julio Jones’ actions speak louder than words. He has had many nagging injuries over the years and always seems to be banged up but this does not prevent him from missing practice. He rarely voices his displeasure to the media and has never officially held out of training camp.

There is a big difference between being a great pro and a great player. Julio Jones is both. We have never seen him in the news for the wrong reasons, unlike many other NFL players these days. His teammates love and respect him, as do the fans. Trouble does not find him and rookies look up to him and try to emulate his work ethic. He is constantly seen talking to them in preseason games and in practice giving them tips and passing along his expertise.

Class and Humility

Not only is Julio Jones the best wide receiver in the league based on his productivity, but he is also the personification of class and humility. He is very humble and virtually has no ego. Unlike may other diva players in the league today, he puts his team and teammates first. He does not care about personal stats.

Follow The Leader

A few players come to mind in today’s NFL such as Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr. and Ezekiel Elliott. All three of them are great players but none of them are great pros. There always seems to be either on the field or off the field drama in some capacity with all of them. From holding out for a new contact, to off the field trouble with the law, to not getting along with teammates or coaches—they are always in the news.

Julio Jones is the polar opposite of Brown, Beckham Jr., and Elliott. We cannot argue about their success and productivity on the football field. We can, in fact, argue that they love the spotlight, can be selfish and put themselves before the team. This includes various incidents both on and off the field, during the season and in the offseason.

Thank You, Julio

The Atlanta Falcons should be both grateful for Julio Jones. There is so much more to being a successful NFL player than stats. It is very refreshing to not only celebrate Jones for his stats and on-field accolades, but it is his off the field behavior, demeanor, attitude and work ethic that puts him miles apart from other divas in the league who continue to draw negative publicity and attention.

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