Jose Siri May Have Saved the Rays Season

It’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Rays and their fanbase have been disappointed by the team’s record this year. Players like Yandy Diaz and Isaac Paredes have done their part to keep the team afloat with their performances, but they can only do so much. Other key players like Randy Arozarena have floundered this season, dragging down the team with them. Jose Siri easily fell into this category during the early parts of the season. Poor performance at the plate had taken the energy and swagger out of the usually exuberant center fielder and left the team feeling lost. That feeling may be gone, however, as Siri put on a recent performance that has injected the team with a renewed energy that has them looking like the Rays of old.

The Rays’ Season May Have Been Saved Single-handedly by Jose Siri.

Defensive Display

The MLB season is long, with each team playing 162 regular season games. That means there are thousands of plays every year both at the plate and in the field that seem almost inconsequential in the grand scheme of it all. There are plays, however, that stand out and feel like they can sway the course of a season. One such play happened during the May 29th Rays game against the Oakland A’s.

Tied 3-3 in the top of the ninth inning with two outs and a runner on second, A’s second baseman Zack Gelof hit a towering shot into left-center field off Rays reliever Pete Fairbanks that seemed destined to be a home run. In a dead sprint, Siri tracked the ball and called off fellow outfielder Arozarena before making a spectacular leaping catch against the wall, preserving the tie. The Tropicana Field crowd erupted while Siri flexed and banged his chest in celebration.


The change in energy easily swung the momentum of the game going into the bottom of the ninth, where Siri followed up his amazing catch in the batter’s box.

Offensive Output

After saving the team from falling behind, Siri came to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with a runner on third and one out. The A’s had brought an outfielder into the infield to keep any ground balls from sneaking through, leaving huge gaps in the outfield corners. With a full count, Siri took advantage of this and roped a sharp single into left field, driving in the winning run and putting an exclamation point on the night.


Siri was not done for the series, though. In the following game, Siri found himself down 0-1 to A’s closer Mason Miller in the bottom of the ninth. With the Rays trailing by a run with one out, Siri found himself in another high-pressure situation. Having already hit a home run earlier in the game, the A’s announcer made an interesting choice to chirp at the Rays outfielder after Siri missed with a big swing at the first pitch of the at-bat.


Before the no-doubter had even left the field of play, Siri knew he had saved the game and rightfully celebrated. Taking his time around the bases, Siri continued to take the moment in and kept celebrating, further pumping up the crowd and his teammates. Rays right fielder Richie Palacios would eventually end the game with a walk-off single in the 12th inning, capping off another come-from-behind victory.

While two games in the doldrums of the MLB season may not seem all that important, moments like these may be what turn a team’s fortunes around. The Rays have proven that they can catch fire and go on an extended run, all they need is a spark. With his performances against the A’s, Jose Siri may have given the Rays just that.

Main Image: Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

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