Dodgers Worthy of Your All-Star Vote

The MLB All-Star game represented a game where superstars from both leagues played each other. After the league announced the new balanced schedule where every team will play each other, the niche of the All-Star game became redundant, archaic, and in need of change. 

With the way MLB has introduced new rules to the game, the bureaucratic process will take as long as it’s been since the Yankees have touched the Commissioner’s Trophy. The current format has fans voting for players they’d like to represent their team. It is a popularity competition that forgets about merit and smaller markets.

Since I converted to a religious baseball fan, I never vote for the whole team I root for. The only players that earn my vote are those that deserve it. Players that have made plays that make me want to slap my mom just to be sure it’s reality.

The Dodgers only have a handful of players that are worthy of a momma slap. Let’s dive into them. 

Dodgers Worthy of Your All-Star Vote

Mookie Betts

Markus Lynn Betts isn’t getting my vote based on his name and recognition. Since his slow start in April where he hit three home runs, hit for an average of .242, and stole one base, Mookie has turned it around. 

On his way to hitting way above the OPS average of the league, Betts has played second base, right field, and shortstop, all while making it look smooth like butter. He is a two-sport athlete that can demonstrate his athleticism in any position he chooses to play. 

I don’t care what you say, bowling is a sport, not a hobby. 

Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman has become a Dodger. He has become a staple signage that will propel this team to the heights every season of his contract. Since signing with the Dodgers, I question which team he will decide to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It really doesn’t matter, because Freeman will be a HOFer and HOFers deserve to be an All-Star. 

Throughout his first two seasons with the Dodgers, Freddie has excelled any expectations fans have set for him. He plays better than advertised and flirts with a .400 batting average every season. 

Plus, if you vote for Freeman, Seattle can be bumping some Bad Bunny.  

Will Dills Smith

Will Smith has become such a baller, he decided to add his middle name to differentiate himself. He wants the world to know he slaps homers and not Chris Rock. Since becoming the Dodgers’ first-string catcher, Smith has become the best catcher in the league but he’s never been named an All-Star.

Will Smith’s offensive numbers have surprised JT Realmuto’s stats. His ability to throw out runners is far from being elite, but who needs outs when you can hit dingers in the next inning? 

If there is one player you want to vote for based on merit and not name recognition, it’s Will D. Smith. It’s time to escort the new generation of elite batters and make Will Smith the better-known Will Smith.  

Wild Card – Bobby Miller

Bobby Miller making the All-Star game seems far-fetched, which is why I am making him the Wild Card pick. He’s only started four games for the Dodgers but he has a 3-0 record with a .78 ERA. Miller dominates in the mound and isn’t afraid to show some emotions, the kind that deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the league. 

The All-Star Game experience is meant to put the league’s best in front of a national crowd. Baseball is a regional sport. If the league wants the country to see its best, Bobby Miller is a sign of what’s to come. Why not shine a light on it?

Main Image: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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