Chargers Vs Raiders: 3 Things The Chargers Can Do To Win in Week 15

With the 24-7 loss to the Broncos last Sunday, The Chargers’ playoff hopes are less than 1% as they head into their 14th game. Add in the fact that they lost their franchise quarterback for the rest of the year and an overall season of disappointment, there is very little to be excited about for Charger fans, except a victory against their biggest rival.

With a frustrated team heading into Vegas, there is some hope despite being the underdogs in the matchup. Here are three things The Chargers can do to win their match-up against the Raiders.

How the Chargers Can Beat the Raiders in Week 15

Establish The Run Game

Despite being the older of the two quarterbacks, Easton Stick makes his first career start on Thursday, so he will need all the help he can get to help calm the nerves in a primetime game. One way to do this is to establish the run game early and be able to rely on their running backs as the game goes along. This is easier said than done because the Chargers are one of the worst in the rushing department and the overall run game has been historically bad.

Whether it is the scheme, the playcalling, the execution, the lack of elite runners, or all of the above, The Chargers have a chance to right their wrongs against a bottom 20 Raider Run D.

Even getting four yards a carry can greatly take the pressure off of Easton Stick and allow him to manage the game efficiently. Stick himself can help in the run game as he has shown his athleticism plenty of times in college and the pre-season.

Get QJ Going

With Keenan Allen officially being declared out for Thursday, Quentin Johnston has a chance to step up and be a factor. Johnston has had a disappointing rookie season, with only 333 yards and a single touchdown in 13 games. However, in the loss, he was one of the bright spots, recording a season-high 91 yards, including the 58-yard bomb he caught from Stick.

If he can capitalize on the momentum, QJ can have a great game prove he was worth a first-round pick and turn his season around. And if the second half of the last game is any indication, Stick will be looking for Quentin Johnston early and often.

Bully The Offensive Line

In their last matchup, The Chargers had their way with the offensive line, recording seven sacks and Khalil Mack recording six of them. With Josh Jacobs being their best offensive weapon, a great way to throw him off his game while simultaneously pressuring the rookie O’Connell is by bullying the offensive line and throwing them off their game plan.

Whether it be Khalil Mack or rookie edge rusher Tuli Tuipulotu creating the pressure, The Chargers need to disrupt the line often to allow the rest of the defense to play their best. Given O’Connell’s inexperience, constant pressure could lead to turnovers, similar to the three he had against the Chargers in their first matchup.

The Chargers have had a pretty disappointing season with their injuries, their close losses, and the overall underperformance of the team as a whole. With the season being all but over, one good way to boost morale for the fans and players alike is a victory against one of their biggest rivals. With a solid running game, contributions from their first and second-round rookies, and constant pressure, the team should be able to secure their sixth win and at least avoid being in last place in their division.

Main Image: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

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