Can Colorado Avalanche Win the Stanley Cup Once Again?

Winning back-to-back Stanley Cups is really challenging, although the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning have made it seem simple in the past ten years.

Teams don’t frequently win the Stanley Cup with such a lopsided victory as the Avalanche did in the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. On its way to winning the Cup, Colorado went 16-4 while sweeping two different opponents.

The Avs’ road in 2023 will be more difficult. Colorado has struggled with injuries all season, and some of the Colorado Avalanche best players from the team from last year are sporting different jerseys now.

So the question remains, can the Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup once again this year?

Can Colorado Avalanche Win the Stanley Cup Once Again?

The team

There is a high possibility that Colorado Avalanche can win the Stanley Cup again this year. The players have shown a commitment to team success and play with an unmatched determination.

Led by Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, and Gabriel Landeskog, the Avalanche have one of the most potent offenses in the league, averaging over three goals per game. Additionally, their defense has been solid, anchored by Cale Makar and Samuel Girard. Their goaltending, led by Philipp Grubauer, has been phenomenal, with a 92.3% save percentage and 1.78 goals against average.

The Avalanche has shown they have a deep roster that can withstand injuries and adapt to changes in the opposition. The Avalanche has a favorable path in the playoffs, and they have shown that they can win under pressure. They have the experience and the confidence needed to make another Stanley Cup win.

Besides, the Avalanche’s offense and defense are among the best in the league and their goaltending is among the best in playoffs history. Therefore, if they maintain their level of consistency, grit, and determination, then they can undoubtedly secure another Stanley Cup for the franchise.

The young stars

The Avalanche’s young players deserve credit for their contributions to a successful playoff run, even though the veteran players rightfully receive most of the praise for the team’s 2022 victory. After Girard’s season-ending injury, Byram was promoted into a top-four position and became one of the Avalanche’s postseason breakout performers.

The youthful blueliner had nine assists in 20 games, on average playing just under 20 minutes each game, but the final two rounds were when he really started to shine. After the injury, he played an average of 21 minutes per game and earned eight assists.

With Byram on the ice, the Avalanche generated 63.4% of all shots, 72.7% of all goals, and 64% of projected goals at 5v5, all of which were in the top-10 of the 2022 Playoffs.

Alex Newhook, a 21-year-old forward who has displayed glimpses of his promise but hasn’t firmly established himself in the top-six for the Avalanche, is the second player seeking to cut a more noticeable figure in the lineup this season.

Although he was selected as a center, it is still unclear where he will play in the long run. However, Kadri’s departure creates the opportunity for a protracted audition down the middle.

Winning the Stanley Cup once more

Any sport’s solitary championship win deserves praise. When you include in the chance and ambiguity that are a part of hockey, it becomes impossible to make a Stanley Cup prediction with any level of assurance.

No team is flawless due to the rigid wage cap structure’s merciless nature, and that’s before taking into account the near-impossible goal of maintaining health throughout the entire season.

However, few teams presently possess as much elite talent as the Avalanche, and it’s safe to say that none of their immediate rivals made the necessary improvements this summer to catch up to them.

The season is agonizingly long, so determining whether any preseason predictions were accurate must wait. However, be forewarned—this Avalanche core does not seem willing to end this period with just one championship.

Main Image: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

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Trent Raynard

The Avs getting knocked out by Seattle was a big upset. I can’t see them beating Dallas, but I was sure they weren’t beating Colorado either.

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