Best and Worst Rookie Scenarios Right Now (Pt.1)

As NFL teams commence their offseason workouts, players far and wide will look their best feet forward to obtain or sustain their roles as starters. The 2024 rookie class is no different, as many of them look to hit the ground running right out of the gate. But not all rookies have found themselves in a favorable position. Some will play on teams who have shown significant improvements or are currently in playoff contention, while others will be stuck with teams in rebuild mode for at least a while.

Here are a few rookies in the best positions and rookies in the worst positions to start off their NFL careers.

Best and Worst Rookie Scenarios Right Now (Pt.1)

Best: Joe Alt, Los Angeles Chargers

Many experts predicted that the Chargers would pick a wide receiver with the fifth overall pick in the draft, given the fact that Keenan Allen and Mike Williams have moved out of Inglewood. After all, this past draft was loaded with wide receiver prospects to choose from. But L.A. opted to snag offensive tackle, Joe Alt, out of Notre Dame. There is nothing wrong with drafting an offensive lineman in the first round, especially if the main objective is to protect Justin Herbert.

Alt can potentially lead the offensive line to improve their work in the trenches and bolster the Bolts’ offensive firepower both through the air and on the ground.

Worst: Malik Nabers, New York Giants

Not so long ago, Malik Nabers was a freakishly athletic LSU tiger who was the favorite target of the latest Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels. Nabers entered the league from a long line of formidable route runners out of Louisiana State, a list that includes Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, and Ja’Marr Chase. That being said, his first season with the New York Giants will not be all sunshine and 75-yard bombs. He will be on a team that finished last in their division and boasts an uninspiring lineup on both sides of the ball.

Now with the departure of Sterling Shepard, it now falls on Nabers to set the spark for a stagnant Giants offense.

Best: Cooper DeJean & Quinyon Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles

Regardless of what might think about taking two of the same position for the first two picks in a draft, Philadelphia knew what they were doing. Both Mitchell and DeJean put the league on notice both at the combine and their college highlight reels. Entering the fray with one of the most potent defenses in the league, both rookies will find plenty of opportunities to learn from the likes of Darius Slay, C.J. Garner-Johnson, and James Bradberry. Hopefully, these two rookies will make waves in their own rights on a team hungry for a return to the Super Bowl.

Worst: Anyone Drafted by the Carolina Panthers

To say that Panthers fans would want to move on from last season would be an understatement. But the pain will most likely perpetuate due to several poor decisions by the front office, one of which was allowing Chicago to fleece them out of their first-round pick for the 2024 Draft. Not to mention that a new general manager and a new head coach will be answering to owner David Tepper, who is widely regarded as one of the worst team owners in the NFL. Anyone drafted by Carolina from any round will have their work cut out for them.

Please check back next week as more rookies get the spotlight for being in good or bad positions to start their professional careers.

Main Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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