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Shiree Howard (Glenn) has been a writer at last Word on Sports for three years. She writes about the Carolina Panthers, her home team, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also writes for Charlotte Football Insiders, covering Harding High School and high school football.
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Are Backup Quarterbacks Becoming a Commodity in 2019?

Are backup quarterbacks becoming a commdity in 2019? That's a question this article will attempt to examine. Did Nick Foles start a quarterback revolution?

Is Kyle Allen the Future of the Carolina Panthers?

Is Kyle Allen the Future of the Carolina Panthers? That's a good question that this article will help examine. Should he be? Panthers fans say yes.

Three Factors For The Carolina Panthers to Avoid 0-3 Start

There are three Factors the Carolina Panthers need to Overcome to avoid an 0-3 start for them. Unfortunately, their injuries have a different idea.

Three Things the Carolina Panthers Need to Fix in Week Two

The Carolina Panthers lost their season opener to the Rams. While there is no immediate worry, the Panthers have plenty they need to fix in week two.

Odell Beckham Highlights New Team Debuts For Week One

Five NFL stars will be on new teams going into the 2019 season. Odell Beckham highlights these new team debuts for week one.

What’s Next for Cam Newton?

What's next for Cam Newton? This article will take a look at what will happen to him if he continues to play at the rate he is playing.

A Look at Carolina Panthers’ Loss to Buffalo Bills

In this article, we examine the Carolina Panthers' worst performances in their loss to the Buffalo Bills. Who gets cut if the Panthers had to choose today?

How Christian McCaffrey Impacts the 2019 Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey has been a vital part of the Carolina Panthers' defense since coming to the league in 2017. How will Christian McCaffrey impact the Carolina Panthers in 2019? This article takes a look.

2019 AFC South Quarterback Rankings

In this part of the divisional quarterback rankings series, we dive deep into the AFC South quarterback rankings for the 2019 season.

Watch Out for the Carolina Panthers in 2019

There is a lot to watch out for with the Carolina Panthers in 2019. The roster looks promising and might give people problems on both sides of the ball.

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