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Shiree Howard (Glenn) has been a writer at last Word on Sports for three years. She writes about the Carolina Panthers, her home team, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also writes for Charlotte Football Insiders, covering Harding High School and high school football.
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Grading the Carolina Panthers’ 2021 Draft picks

I'm grading the Carolina Panthers' 2021 draft picks for every round. There are so many needs on this team. Will they earn a spot this year?

Carolina Panthers’ Mount Rushmore of Cornerbacks

This article focuses on the Mount Rushmore of cornerbacks for the Carolina Panthers. One of the least talked about group of guys but still important.

Three Options for the Carolina Panthers First Round Draft Pick

There are Three Potential First Round Picks that would better benefit the Carolina Panthers. Follow me as I discuss who they should pick.

Analyzing Carolina Panthers Free Agents

Analyzing Carolina Panthers Free Agency looks at some of the candidates who will become free agents this offseason.

Ranking the Head Coaching Vacancies in the NFL

Ranking the Head coaching vacancies in the NFL lists the teams in order by their abilities and the amount of success the teams will have

Carolina Panthers Problems in 2020, Explained

Who or what is to blame for the Carolina Panthers' problems in 2020 discusses possibilities of where fans might want to point their finger this season. While most want to place blame on Teddy Bridgewater, this article addresses them.

Is It Too Soon to Label Derrick Brown a Bust?

In the NFL, a bust is accurately defined as a player drafted in the first round that fails to meet the team's expectations. Coming out...

Expectations for Carolina Panthers in 2020

Just what are the expectations for the Carolina Panthers in 2020? This article will look at what could make the team great in the coming years.

Ranking Carolina Panthers’ Head Coaches

Shaq Thompson comes back for his sixth season and will have the opportunity to lead his defense against some of the biggest offenses this season. With Luke Kuechly gone, there are some large shoes to fill. How will he respond?

AFC Dark Horse Teams That Could Win a Championship in 2020

Which AFC Dark Horse teams could win a championship in 2020? This article looks at which teams have the best chance to win it all.

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