Alcaraz Beats Djokovic

Alcaraz Beats Djokovic in Five Sets

Carlos Alcaraz, the top-ranked player at just 20 years old, defeated 36-year-old reigning champion Novak Djokovic in a grueling five-set match. 

Expressing his desire for another opportunity to compete against Djokovic, Alcaraz stated that it would add more significance to winning a Wimbledon Championship. As fate would have it, Alcaraz got his wish and faced Djokovic, ultimately defeating him.

Despite a weak start, Alcaraz rallied in the final stretch and defeated Djokovic 1-6, 7-6 (6), 6-1, 3-6, 6-4 in a thrilling and competitive match on Sunday, ending Djokovic’s 34-match winning streak at the All England Club. This victory earned Alcaraz his first Wimbledon Championship and second Grand Slam trophy. 

Alcaraz Beats Djokovic in Five Sets

Alcaraz, who was ranked No. 1, stopped Djokovic from achieving his eighth title, which would have equaled a record, and his fifth consecutive win at the grass-court competition. Additionally, Djokovic was unable to secure his 24th career major. The 20-year-old from Spain made history at Wimbledon in the Open era by becoming the third-youngest male champion, while Djokovic, a 36-year-old from Serbia, missed out on the opportunity to become the oldest. The age difference between the two players was the largest in any men’s Slam final since 1974.

Alcaraz had the advantage of youth on his side during their previous encounter at the French Open last month, which turned out to be an exceptional match for the first two sets before Alcaraz experienced cramping and lost his momentum. However, this time around, Alcaraz possessed both the endurance and the skills necessary to defeat Djokovic. Although Alcaraz is faster and capable of generating more power, including serves exceeding 130 mph and forehands surpassing 100 mph, Djokovic’s extensive range of abilities and muscle memory give him an edge. Djokovic has already accomplished feats that Alcaraz can only aspire to at this time.

If Alcaraz’s triumph on a blustery and overcast day at Centre Court, where Djokovic’s last defeat occurred in the 2013 finals, is any indication, he is well on his way to accomplishing significant feats.

Despite Djokovic’s record 35th Grand Slam final, this experience is still relatively new to him, as Alcaraz had only reached his second. However, it was Alcaraz who emerged victorious in a 32-point match, and he expressed his desire for another opportunity to face Djokovic, believing it would make a Wimbledon championship win even more special. Alcaraz’s wish came true as he faced Djokovic and ultimately defeated him. Also Despite a slow start, Alcaraz rallied and ended Djokovic’s 34-match winning streak at the All England Club, winning the final 1-6, 7-6 (6), 6-1, 3-6, 6-4 in a thrilling back-and-forth match. This victory marked Alcaraz’s first Wimbledon title and second Grand Slam win overall.

Alcaraz expressed his excitement about playing against a tennis legend and congratulated him, saying, “It’s incredible to play a final against a legend of our sport.” Alcaraz further added that Djokovic inspired him a lot, and he started playing tennis by watching him. Alcaraz also joked that Djokovic was already winning tournaments when he was born. The statement is somewhat inaccurate. In contrast to Djokovic, a 36-year-old Serbian, who could have become the oldest male champion at Wimbledon in the Open era, Alcaraz, a 20-year-old Spaniard, became the third-youngest instead. The age difference between the two was the most significant in any men’s Slam final since 1974.

Alcaraz had youth on his side, which was also the case when they faced off at the French Open last month. The previous match was remarkable for two sets before Alcaraz suffered from cramps and lost momentum. This time, he had both the endurance and the skills to defeat Djokovic. Novak expressed his disappointment at losing the match but acknowledged his past successes at Wimbledon. “Although it’s tough to accept a defeat like this, I still feel grateful for the many close matches I’ve won here before,” he said. 

His opponent, Alcaraz, was impressed with his speed and power. However, Djokovic’s experience and natural abilities allowed him to compete at a higher level than Alcaraz, who still has much to learn. Despite his emotions, Djokovic graciously congratulated Alcaraz on his victory. Despite this, Alcaraz is relatively inexperienced, with Djokovic’s record-breaking 35th Grand Slam final being only his second. Nevertheless, it was Alcaraz who triumphed in a 32-point, 25-minute mini-masterpiece of a game, leading him to win the third set. Even when Djokovic pushed for a fifth set, Alcaraz remained unfazed.

Alcaraz took the lead for good in the fifth set by breaking Djokovic with a backhand passing winner to go up 2-1. During the point, Djokovic fell but quickly got back up and responded by slamming his racket into the net post, resulting in a code violation from the chair umpire.  Despite playing for another 24 minutes, Alcaraz never gave up and ultimately won the match, covering his face and rolling in the grass after the final point. Djokovic praised Alcaraz’s quality of play during the post-match ceremony, acknowledging his opponent’s well-deserved victory. 

Alcaraz’s forehand is a powerful weapon that he uses with all his might, evident in the loud smack of his racket and his exhale of exertion that echoed throughout the arena on Sunday. His impressive all-court game extends beyond his powerful forehand, showcasing his versatility and potential for stardom. He executed well-disguised drop shots that proved effective in the second and third sets. 

Meanwhile, Djokovic has already achieved greatness with his record-breaking accomplishments in the tennis world, including his 23 Grand Slam titles and extensive time spent as world No. 1. However, during the Wimbledon final, Djokovic’s physical condition began to falter after slipping on a worn patch on the court. Despite his dominance in tiebreakers leading up to the final, Djokovic lost the second set tiebreaker to Alcaraz, who earned a set point and ultimately won the set with a backhand passing winner. The crowd erupted in cheers for the young Spaniard, who basked in the moment of his triumph.

After two hours, both players had won a set each and the match was officially underway. The fifth game of the third set was particularly noteworthy, with neither player willing to give an inch. Despite being only one game, it felt like a pivotal moment in the match.  Djokovic’s mistake in hitting a forehand into the net gave Alcaraz a break, putting him ahead 4-1 in the set, causing the Spaniard to let out a triumphant scream of “Vamos!” Djokovic took a break to regroup, as he often does, before pushing the match to a fifth set. His impressive record in five-set matches at Wimbledon and other major tournaments gave him a clear advantage. However, those matches are now in the past. Alcaraz represents the future.

Alcaraz expressed his pride, stating, “I’ve learned really, really fast,” and received a congratulatory hug from Spain’s King Felipe VIDespite playing for another 24 minutes, the match lasted over 4 1/2 hours, but Alcaraz refused to give up. In the end, it was him who won the trophy, not Djokovic.

Main Image: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

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Vanessa Serrao

I can’t believe Djokovic was finally defeated. It’s so impressive that a 20-year-old is ranked first in the world and was able to beat the Joker. I knew eventually it would happen.

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