A Girl’s Guide To Fantasy Football – Introduction

One of the best things about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce (aside from the fact that they’re adorable together) is that NFL viewership is positively booming, thanks to the legion of Swifties who initially tuned in for a glimpse of their beloved pop star…only to stick around because they suddenly discovered the greatest sport of all.

So, welcome ladies, fellow Swifties, and Fantasy newbies of all genders and pronouns! Get ready to increase your enjoyment of the game by discovering the thrill of Fantasy Football.

A Girl’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Enjoy the Game Even More 

As an NFL fan, you already know how exciting it can be to watch an NFL game and root for your favorite team. But there’s only one thing that makes watching an NFL game even more fun and that’s playing Fantasy Football.

Perhaps you’ve shied away from Fantasy games in the past because it’s intimidating or you’re concerned it will require a major time commitment. Or, maybe the idea of gambling and paying league dues is something you prefer to avoid. But, if you follow a few simple tips, you won’t feel intimated and the time commitment is only what you choose to put into it.

For example, you can have the computer auto-draft your team if you don’t have time to participate in the draft. Plus, there are plenty of free Fantasy leagues you can join without incurring any expense.

The Benefits of Playing NFL Fantasy

So, why should you play Fantasy? Because, instead of focusing only on the game and the final score, you now have a vested interest in every single play from scrimmage.

Fantasy Football not only makes watching NFL games that much more exciting, it adds another dimension to the game by focusing on the individual statistics of selected players. Plus, the camaraderie of playing with friends and family brings out the fun, competitive streak in all of us. Fans follow multiple teams and get to know the league’s top performers each week. When you set your weekly lineup, in addition to cheering on your favorite NFL team, you’re also strategically trying to win your match.

You’re In Control

As a Fantasy League Manager, you’ll get to know an individual player’s strengths and weaknesses and how well they’re projected to play against that week’s opposing team.
You, alone, have the power to decide who is in your lineup that week and who sits on the bench.

Suddenly, the game itself becomes so much more interesting because as your chosen Fantasy Team players rack up points, you score right along with them. If your quarterback throws a touchdown or scrambles to make a key play, your points reflect it. If your wide receiver makes an incredible catch downfield, your points soar. If your defense has a pick-six, you score too! And if your star running back scores a touchdown, guess what? You’ll be celebrating those end-zone touchdown dance moves right along with him.

Watching an NFL game with your friends or family members while simultaneously tracking the activity of all the other games only enhances the enjoyment of an NFL weekend. You can be watching your favorite team while rooting for one of the opposing players simply because their points help you win your match.

Fantasy is all about the thrill of strategizing and drafting a winning team, crossing your fingers, and assembling your best lineup each week. But be warned, you can do your very best to put together a winning lineup, only to fall short due to the sheer unpredictable nature of the NFL season and the crushing pitfall of a key player going down with an injury.

So hopefully, you’re thinking… hmm maybe I will give this a try. So, I’ll leave you with one final thought: there’s no better icebreaker at a social event or when meeting someone for the first time than sharing your love of NFL and Fantasy football. Once they realize that you know, really know, what you’re talking about, you’ve already made a great and memorable first impression.  

Be sure to check back here at LWOSports.com for tips on how to get started by choosing a league, the best Apps to use, and all about mock drafts. Till then, cheers to an awesome Super Bowl LVIII.

Main Image: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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Great article. 2023 NFL season was great. It was my first time playing Fantasy Football & definitely won’t be my last. I hope to see all my league players back next year. Hopefully I learned enough to move up in the ranks. Lol

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