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5 Teams That Should Show Interest in Mike Trout

With seasons ridiculed with injuries and the Los Angeles Angels missing the playoffs for the last nine seasons, it may be time for Mike Trout to considered a trade. A change of scenery may not hurt considering the years the Angels are wasting on Trout. If Trout does demand a trade here are some teams that should show interest in acquiring him.

5 Teams That Should Show Interest in Acquiring Mike Trout

Philadelphia Phillies

Even though Trout never grew up in Philadelphia, he still grew up as a diehard Eagles fan where he sometimes attends games during the offseason. While pairing up both Mike Trout and Bryce Harper together would be something fun to watch. Surely, the Philadelphia Phillies are in a good position to grab a playoff spot but that shouldn’t take them out of the blockbuster trade. Philadelphia does have the pieces to get the trade done. Owner John Middleton would not hesitate to spend money nor would president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski would not hesitate to go all-out aggressively for a player like Mike Trout. Never count out Philadelphia in any blockbuster deal.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Now this is where it gets interesting. The Los Angeles Dodgers are known as a team for signing and trading for stardom players. The last time they were involved in a blockbuster dates back to 2018 when they acquired outfielder Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Alex VerdugoConor Wong, and Jeter Downs. The team later on did sign Betts to a long-term extension for 12 years worth $365 million. But if Trout were available in a trade, the Dodgers would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call the Angels for a blockbuster deal. The team has the pieces to get it done. By acquiring Trout, the Dodgers would be a much tougher team to beat and would be considered the favorites to win the World Series for years to come.

San Francisco Giants

This may be the next best opportunity to acquire their next star after failing multiple times. They chased many superstars such as Bryce HarperAaron Judge, and Carlos Correa, all of whom signed elsewhere. Acquiring Trout may also help the Giants compete with their division foes such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Colorado Rockies. In addition, this trade acquisition may also give San Francisco some star power, something that they have been searching for the past couple of years. If the Giants are able to acquire Trout via trade then look out for them to turnout to become one of the best teams in the league for years to come.

New York Yankees

Without a doubt, the New York Yankees are always going to be involved in blockbuster acquisition deals. They’re the Yankees. They have a long history of signing and trading for star players who have found success in that cornerstone franchise. Now this team hasn’t reached the World Series for over 14 seasons. If the Yankees want to get over hump and finally reach the World Series then acquiring Trout would be the answer. However, it may require some future pieces to get it done such as Jasson DominguezAnthony Volpe, and Austin Wells. Still, imagine a lineup with Trout, Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton. That sure is a fun lineup to watch, isn’t it? All we could do right now is pipe dream about it.

San Diego Padres

Coming off a disappointing season so far, the San Diego Padres hope to become a contending team once again by improving in the offseason. For most of the season, the offense has been a major letdown. By acquiring a talented player like Trout, he may change the storyline of the team for years to come.

Main Image: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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