4 Ways Kellen Moore Will Bolster this Chargers’ Offense in 2023

With the signing of Kellen Moore as the Los Angeles Chargers’ offensive coordinator, there’s an air of anticipation surrounding the team’s offensive potential in 2023. Moore’s track record of innovative play-calling and strategic prowess has generated optimism among fans and analysts alike.

A closer look at Moore’s past achievements and the specific challenges the Chargers have faced reveals a compelling case for improved offensive production in the upcoming regular season.

4 Ways Kellen Moore Will Bolster this Chargers’ Offense in 2023

Innovative Play Calling

Moore’s time as the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys showcased his knack for innovative and unpredictable play-calling. In the 2022 season, the Cowboys averaged 27.5 points per game, ranking third in the league. Moore’s ability to craft creative and unexpected plays could inject new life into this Chargers’ offense, who averaged 23 points per game last season, which ranked 13th in the league.

With Moore’s help in this Chargers’ offense, Los Angeles is destined to breakout even “Moore” in 2023.

Maximizing Quarterback Potential

One of Moore’s strengths as a coordinator is his deep understanding of quarterback play. This aligns perfectly with the Chargers’ biggest asset, Justin Herbert. In the 2022 season, Herbert threw for 4,739 yards and recorded 25 touchdowns under previous coordinator Joe Lombardi.

Moore’s quarterback-centric approach could further Herbert’s strengths, such as his arm talent and ability to read the defense. Despite only playing 12 games last season, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott still finished 20th in passing yards, and 13th in passing touchdowns under Moore. If Kellen Moore can get Prescott to another level of play, imagine what he’ll do with Justin Herbert.

Red Zone Efficiency

An area where Moore can have a significant impact for the Chargers is in red zone efficiency. The Cowboys’ red zone touchdown rate last season under Kellen Moore was the best in the NFL, scoring six points 71.43% of the time, while the Chargers in 2022 ranked 18th in the league, only getting in the end zone 54.55% of the time.

Moore’s play designs and situational awareness could lead to more effective execution in these critical scoring situations for the Chargers.

Adaption to Crucial Moments

Moore’s adaptability is a crucial asset in the fast-paced NFL environment. The Chargers faced challenges in making in-game adjustments in 2022, blowing the lead in most of their losses, including a heartbreaking Wild Card round loss to Jacksonville, giving up a 27-0 lead. A big reason for that was the incapability of old coordinator Joe Lombardi to make fast adjustments to the offense in critical moments. Moore’s ability to read defenses and exploit opponents’ weaknesses could be the key to maintaining offensive momentum throughout the games.

It doesn’t take a lot of research to know that the addition of Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator for the Chargers will improve this offense and take it to new heights. With Herbert Destined to throw the ball deeper and more often, the Chargers’ offense under Kellen Moore has everyone on high alert for this dynamic offense.

Main Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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