4 Reasons Why the NFL Draft is Must Watch

There’s a light at the end of the no-football tunnel. After the Super Bowl, the NFL goes dormant for a bit. Maybe you love the nonstop rumor mill, where most teams are posturing in contract negotiations or in free agent negotiations, but most of this news is hearsay gossip. Once the free agency window closes, that’s when the news gets really sketchy.

We are amidst draft season and on Thursday, 4/27 at 8 P.M., we get the next big part of the NFL offseason: the NFL Draft live from Kansas City. There’s something in the air at this event. Some call it excitement but most call it “hope”. Hope for what your team does. Who get’s the next Joe Burrow or Patrick Mahomes? Is there a bust in this draft? You won’t know until you watch! Here are some reasons why the NFL is must watch TV!

4 Reasons Why the NFL Draft is Must Watch

Who goes #2?

At the risk of being a feature on Cold Takes Exposed, we all figure that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young goes first overall to the Carolina Panthers. The betting odds have ballooned to -2000, which is a 95% probability as posed by Sharp Football Analysis.

The certainty that the Panthers will do this rivals the sheer uncertainty of the seond pick held by the Houston Texans. They have hired a former starting middle linebacker for their franchise, defensive-minded DeMeco Ryans, but the team has a need at quarterback.

Ryans will have essentially the pick of the litter of defensive players, but also has the remaining quarterback choices: Ohio State Buckeye C.J. Stroud, combine hero Anthony Richardson, or the controversial Will Levis. Will he lean on his defensive mind, or choose the “2nd” best quarterback out there?

4 Teams have two first round picks

The most opportunity for team-altering movement usually happens within the first three rounds of the draft, but the most capital is within round one.

This year, there are four teams with multiple first round picks. The winners of the NFC, Philadelphia, is one of those teams. With pick 10 and pick 28, there’s a real opportunity for the team to get better. Will they parlay these picks into a trade, like they orchestrated last year for stud wide receiver A.J. Brown? Or will they try to add depth to their aging offensive line?

The remaining teams with similar picks are Houston, Detroit, and Miami. As mentioned above, Houston has an interesting situation on their hands, the Lions were much improved this past season, and the Dolphins feel like they’re extremely close to breaking through in the AFC East. Which one of these teams capitalize the most this draft?

3 teams have five or fewer picks total

While there is a fair bit of optimism for most teams in the draft, there is also some pessimism for teams. With the least amount of chances to splash. While the Dolphins do have multiple firsts, they’re basically done drafting impactful players after their first two picks. So, while it is nice and flashy to get these firsts, there’s now more pressure to hit on these picks.

Some other teams that have either had no news or bad news this offseason that each have five total picks are the Broncos, the Vikings, and the Ravens.

The Broncos had very little to be happy with this last season, but are in the midst of a monster transition at head coach with the addition of Sean Payton.

The Vikings transitioned to a more offensive style of play this past season and had a mid-season acquisition of tight end stud, T.J. Hockenson, but let veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen walk. Will they go to offense, or will they try to add to their fourth PFF Ranked defense?

Main Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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