2024 Atlanta Braves O/U: Why the Braves Will Hit the OVER

As the sun rises in North Port, FL, another exciting day of the Atlanta Braves Spring Training is setting up. The Braves prepare for an exciting baseball season and a possible Work Series run. They have emerged as an odds-on favorite as they chase their fifth title in their 148th year of Major League Baseball. The stellar performance in 2023 has led to a wave of speculation about their potential to top the OVER in 2024, with FanDuel Sportsbooks predicting an honest 101.5 wins.

2024 Atlanta Braves Will OVER the 101.5 O/U Wins

The Braves’ Winning Streak

The Braves have a history of winning, with multiple division titles and four World Series Championships under their belt. The team’s winning streak has only grown stronger in recent years, culminating in a spectacular 104-win season, leading the majors in runs scored per game at 5.8 and run differential at 1.4 per game in 2023. As we look ahead to the upcoming season, the Braves are well-positioned to continue their winning ways; with the experts even predicting a 101.5-win season, let’s look at the big reason they will hit the OVER.

The Players: Key to the Braves’ Success

The Braves’ success can largely be attributed to their talented roster. Players like Ronald Acuna and Matt Olsen have consistently delivered top-notch performances, proving invaluable assets to the team. Despite his legendary MVP season, Acuna looks like he will top last year’s performance in 2024 and while Matt Olsen most certainly peaked in 2023, he will still have one of the best years this year. Between Acuna, Austin Riley, and Olsen, FanGraphs Zips is estimating 117 home runs from the top of the Braves lineup.

Strength in the Pitching Rotation

Strengthening their pitching roster is another crucial component of the Braves’ strategy. With players like Strider leading the charge, the Braves have a strong pitching lineup. However, to ensure their success in the upcoming season, they will need to bolster their pitching staff further. Luckily, the Braves have two top pitching prospects in the minors, AJ Smith-Shawver and Spencer Schwellenbach, who are almost ready for big-league debuts. Those two added to the Rotation with Spencer Strider, Bryce Elder, and Max Fried could be as devastating as the Maddox/Smoltz/Glavine Era.

Spencer Strider: A Potential Cy Young Winner

The Braves’ ace pitcher Strider has garnered attention for his exceptional pitching skills. With his eye on the coveted Cy Young Award, Strider is expected to play a pivotal role in the Braves’ success in the upcoming season. His impressive track record, combined with him coming off his first 20-game winning season at just 23 years old, makes him a heavy favorite for the award.

The Braves’ Potential Roadblocks

Despite their promising prospects, the Braves will face several potential roadblocks in their quest to top the OVER in 2024. These include injuries to key players, tough competition from the Phillies and emerging Marlins in the East, and the unpredictable nature of the game itself. They are also facing a big question at LF and hoping for free-agent acquisition Jarred Kelenic is the answer.

Kelenic was a highly regarded prospect in the Mariners organization, but in 252 games at the major league level, he is managing just a .202 average with little pop. If the Braves’ hitting coach, Kevin Seitzer, can put the magic he used on Acuna and Sean Murphy on Kelenic, combined with the prowess and security of the Braves lineup, we could see a potential breakout candidate.

The Braves Prospects for 2024

The Braves are well-positioned to top the OVER in 2024. With a strong lineup of players, a winning streak that shows no signs of slowing down, a resilient spirit that has carried them through, and a chip on their shoulder from their early playoff exit, the Braves are a team to watch in the upcoming season. While we like the OVER, whether they will achieve their goal of a record-breaking 102-win season remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: the Braves are a force to be reckoned with, and they will be giving it their all in 2024.

Main Image: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

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