AEW All Out: What Did We Just Watch!?

AEW All Out
TOKYO, JAPAN - OCTOBER 09: Kenny Omega attends a press conference of the Wrestle Kingdom 13 at Meiji Kinenkan on October 9, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images)

Less than 24 hours removed from perhaps the most anticipated wrestling pay per view of the year, AEW All Out delivered as expected. This card was loaded top to bottom.

Unlike WWE, there wasn’t any filler (besides one match) during this show. Everything had a story to it, new champions were crowned, and we have three new additions to the AEW roster. 

Without further ado, let’s look at and break down AEW All Out. 

AEW All Out: What Did We Just Watch!?

TNT Champion Miro vs Eddie Kingston

AEW All Out opened with fireworks, as the undefeated TNT Champion, Miro, defended against “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston. Kingston has been hot lately, debuting a new shirt that fans got behind. 

This was a heavy-hitting match between two brawlers. Miro was able to dominate the beginning of the match and seemed to have control for most of it. Kingston slowly started to work back.

The turnbuckle pad was then removed. Kingston, a very over-babyface, almost used it. As the referee was fixing the pad, Miro delivered a low blow followed by his signature superkick to Kingston and was able to secure the pin. 

Miro beat Kingston in a dirty way. This momentum will build up in Kingston’s favor. He will be the TNT Champion one day.

Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima

For many American wrestling fans, this was their first exposure to New Japan legend, Satoshi Kojima. It seems like Moxley is going to be feuding with all of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The crowd was split 50/50 during this match, half of them rooting for Moxley and the other half for Kojima. In a back and forth match, Moxley was able to hit the Paradigm Shift twice to pin Kojima. 

After the match, another Japanese legend came out to confront Moxley. Minoru Suzuki made a surprise appearance and laid out Jon Moxley. The two will go one on one at Dynamite this Wednesday in Moxley’s hometown of Cincinnati. 

AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs Kris Stratlander

The powerhouse Kris Stratlander has been on fire lately, but Britt Baker was just too much to handle. Stratlander, however, did show great feats of strength. 

Baker uses the Lockjaw as her finishing move, which she has made many people tap out with. Stratlander was put in this after taking multiple signature moves from Baker. 

The referee ultimately stopped the match after Startlander passed out from the Lockjaw. 

It was at this point that the match between Pac and Andrade was removed from the card, and fans found out it would take place Friday on Rampage.

AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers

This was easily the match of the night. If there is one thing that AEW is good at, it is making great tag team matches. 

In the beginning, the Bucks tried to leave the cage in which the Lucha Bros stopped them. The Young Bucks then took control for a little bit before the Lucha Bros were able to fight back. 

Matt Jackson then delivered two low-blows to the Lucha Bros. A bag was later thrown into the ring. Inside was a Jordan sneaker with thumbtacks on the bottom. Penta was thrown into the shoe, and he was a bloody mess. Blood was all over the ring because of it. 

The Bucks then set up the BTE, which many fans thought was the end of the match. Ray Fenix then had some late fire. He picked up the shoe and hit the Young Bucks with it. At this point we all knew there was going to happen from the top of the cage, and that it did. 

Ray Fenix hit a Canadian destroyer off the top of the cage. The Lucha Bros were later able to pick up the pin to win the AEW Tag Team titles. 

This would go down as a classic. Easily the greatest tag team match in recent memory. Shows once again how good the AEW tag team division is. 

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

There wasn’t much to this match. Ruby Soho ended up being the Joker entrant, making her AEW debut. 

She ended up winning the match after a great final fight with Thunder Rosa. She will be the next challenger for Dr. Britt Baker’s Women’s title. 

MJF vs Chris Jericho

In a match where MJF’s heel tactics were on full display, it worked perfectly. 

If Jericho lost, he would never wrestle in AEW again. Jericho hit MJF with a powerbomb on the edge of the apron, which ended up coming back to MJF later. 

In the “finish”, MJF used the Judas Effect to pin Jericho. However, Jericho’s foot was on the rope and the ref didn’t see it. After further review, the match was restarted. 

Jericho used this momentum to his advantage. MJF used his armbar to nearly submit Jericho. The Walls of Jericho were then locked in. MJF almost got to the ropes, but Jericho pulled him back to the middle of the ring.

With his lower back in pain, MJF tapped out. Jericho won and could wrestle in AEW again. This match easily had the most emotion around it. 

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

This was the match that many people thought would be the main event. Darby Allin came to the ring with Sting, who went back to the locker room. 

CM Punk wrestled his first match in seven years, debuting a new look. The match started slow but picked up later on. 

Allin started flying all over the ring and looked to be throwing Punk off a little bit. Punk then hit some of his signature moves that brought back nostalgia for many fans. 

Allin then took control again, where he attempted a Coffin Drop. Punk comedically reversed it. Punk then hit the GTS to pin Allin. It took two of them to take him out. Sting then came out after the match to congratulate Punk. A moment of respect between Punk and Allin then took place. 

To be honest, Darby should have won this match. For someone who cares so much about putting the young guys over, Punk should have put Darby Allin over in this match. But Allin still looked strong despite losing. 

Paul Wight vs QT Marshall

Nobody cared about this match. This was only here to calm the crowd down from Allin and Punk’s match. Wight hit a chokeslam quickly to win. Moving on to the main event now. 

AEW Champion Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage

Kenny Omega defended his AEW Championship against Christian Cage in the main event of AEW All Out. Unlike many other matches, this one was crazy from the start. 

Omega used his heel tactics, putting Christian through a table in the beginning. Cage started to come back. He even speared Omega through a table on the outside of the ring. 

Omega then kicked out of three straight spears. It looked like nothing was going to take the champion out. Doc Gallows then interfered and held Christian for Omega to deliver the V Trigger. Cage then moved, hitting Gallows.

After a Killswitch near fall, they went to the top rope. Omega hit a One-Winged Angel off the top and pinned Christian to retain the title. After the match is where things went down.

Omega then called out his next challenger, where Adam Cole made his debut. Many thought they would fight, but Cole ended up joining forces with The Elite. They started to beat up Cage, where the Jurassic Express then helped. But they were outnumbered. 

Bryan Danielson then made his debut. The fans went nuts. This is bringing in a new era to AEW.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, AEW All Out was a fantastic show. It lived up to the hype and many fans were happy.

This will be broken down again on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday, where Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole will most likely be on the show. AEW All Out was the best pay per view of 2021. 

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