Historical Rankings – NBA All-Time Squads (Top Four)

The NBA has been one of the largest major sports leagues in the world for a very long time. It was founded on the 6th of June in 1946 in the city of New York. It’s an honor to be named on of the NBA All-Time squads. The league has grown to a worldwide community as the years passed and became more and more lucrative as it became an attraction to basketball fans of all ages from all around the world. The teams that play in such a league ought to be very successful. Some even managed to gain a lot more success than others. Here’s a list of the most successful NBA teams in history.

Historical Rankings – NBA All-time Squads (Top Four)

No.1: Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are ranked as the best NBA All-time team. Introduced in 1946, the squad had catered to a total of 31 Hall of Famers, appeared in 54 playoffs, and boast 3037 wins, the largest number of all-time wins for any team within the league. All these, along with an all-time winning percentage of 0.590. The Celtics had catered for numerous NBA legends, such as Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, and more. The team has won a total of 17 championships, 21 conference titles, and 13 winning seasons throughout their lifetime. The team is known to be a fan’s favorite as they tend to defy NBA odds and show no remorse to their adversaries.

No.2: Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers, also introduced in 1946, come in second place in this list, after winning 17 championships, 32 conference titles, and 13 winning seasons throughout NBA history, while winning 3,274 games and having an all time win percentage of 0.596. The Lakers have appeared in 60 playoffs, more than any other team, and have catered for 21 Hall of farmers, such as Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and more.

No.3: Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls only seem inferior to the two aforementioned squads due to the fact that they came around a couple decades later, in 1966. They have won a total of 6 championships, 6 conference titles and 8 seasons, thanks to 2,170 all-time wins and a 520% winning percentage. They have appeared in a total of 35 playoffs and have catered for 9 hall of farmers, including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bob Love, and more.

No.4: San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs, formerly founded as the Dallas Chaparrals in 1967 and renamed later as Texas Chaparrals in 1970, until they were finally renamed to their current name in 1973. They have won a total of 5 championships, 6 conference titles, and won 18 seasons. They also have won 2,473 matches and have managed to achieve the best winning percentage within the whole NBA, with an impressive 603%. The team had catered for 7 Hall of farmers, such as Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Avery Johnson, George Gervin and more.

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