Cam Newton Resigning With the Patriots: Three Options the Patriots Have

The biggest story in New England these past couple of weeks has got to be Cam Newton resigning with the Patriots. Last week, the Boston Globe broke the news that Cam Newton has re-signed with the New England Patriots. Newton has been a very controversial quarterback in New England. Not because he has done or said anything bad, but he has split the fanbase. Some people are all in on him, and some are not. Now some people have already gone ahead to say he won’t be staying around. Others will disagree. Either way, Bill Belichick now has options to play with. Cam Newton resigning with the Patriots is huge, now let’s look at three options the Patriots now have.

Cam Newton Resigning With the Patriots: Three Options the Patriots Now Have

1. Run it Back

This is the option that makes the most sense. Newton is 31, and still has something to prove. Newton balled out in the first three games of last season before testing positive for COVID, and it seems that the virus derailed him.

Newton seemed to be getting in a grove. He even threw for nearly 400 yards in the heroic effort against the Seahawks back in Week 2. Many people are doubting his throwing ability and accuracy.

It also didn’t help last year that he had little to no help. Julian Edelman was out for most of the year and N’Keal Harry underperformed. If the Patriots can get Newton some help in the draft and free agency, there will be a better chance that Newton plays better. 

2. Use Him as a Trade Piece for Jimmy Garoppolo

Rumors have been flying for weeks now of a Patriots/Jimmy Garoppolo reunion. Belichick seemed to have wanted Garoppolo to be the next guy when Tom Brady was in New England, but a power struggle forced Belichick to send Jimmy G to San Francisco.

The 49ers have been on the market for a new quarterback and seem to want to move on from Garoppolo. So the logic is that Belichick resigned Newton to a one-year deal just to use him as a trading piece. This also prevents Newton from hitting free agency, so if it comes down to it, they will have a quarterback for next season.

But Garoppolo seems to be doing well in San Francisco. Good weapons, a great defense, and a young head coach. So the 49ers sending him over to the Pats for Cam Newton doesn’t seem very logical. 

3. Mentor the Next Man Up

This upcoming NFL Draft class is rich in quarterback talent. The Patriots won’t be getting a guy like Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson with the 15th pick, but some other talented players could still be available. Trey Lance of South Dakota State and Justin Fields of Ohio State are two players that could be available at 15.

Will the Patriots go with a quarterback with this pick? Nobody knows as the Patriots have some other positions they also have to fill. But if they were to go with a quarterback, then they would have a little bit of competition in the quarterback room. Newton, Stidham, and whoever they draft. It will most likely be Fields or Lance.

Cam Newton could mentor one of those two guys to become the next franchise quarterback of the Patriots. Cam Newton resigning with the Patriots is smart. So let Newton play out this year and let the rookie learn under him.

The Final Verdict

The Patriots will most likely run one more year back with Cam Newton. The talent in Newton is still there. He just needs reliable weapons around him. The Patriots’ defense will get better with players like Dont’a Hightower and Patrick Chung returning. Bringing in a top offensive draft prospect will be huge, but we will have to wait and see what happens next, as we approach the start of the new league year.

In the long run, Cam Newton resigning with the Patriots will be something the Pats will not regret. 

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