Kyle Allen Struggles Yet Again

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - DECEMBER 08: Vic Beasley #44 of the Atlanta Falcons forces a fumble by Kyle Allen #7 of the Carolina Panthers in the second half at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 08, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Just over two months ago, fans were questioning whether Kyle Allen was the future of the Carolina Panthers, or not. Now after five straight losses it seems like that thought is somewhere in the distance. It was one thing to lose to the Green Bay Packers or the New Orleans Saints–he’s only in his second season. But to lose to a  struggling Atlanta Falcons team twice and a struggling Washington Redskins team with a rookie quarterback, you have to wonder if he’s reliable. Let’s look at where Kyle Allen struggles.

Kyle Allen Struggles Yet Again

Through his last six games, Allen has thrown 12 interceptions compared to just eight touchdowns. What was thought to be consistent ball placement has turned into a series of fumbles lost and turnovers. Admittedly, his offensive line could use some rebuilding, that’s for sure. Since Allen has taken over at quarterback he’s lost three different linemen along with some injuries to Trai Turner that kept him out of at least four games this season so far. Not to mention the ones that did play were either rookies or new to the franchise, so there are a lot of chances for oversight during practices.

Head Coach Ron Rivera Fired

Tuesday, December 3rd marked the end of another era as Rivera became the fourth head coach to be let go. David Tepper has embraced his short time in Carolina as a kaiser; a person who takes charge. He’s made an example out of Rivera. Now is the time to start fresh all across the board.

Allen may not be the better choice because he may not be what Tepper wants. Tepper came into this ownership knowing the direction he wanted to go. Let’s face it, no one spends $2.2 billion without having a plan in place. Allen may not be part of it. It’s tough to say considering the things that are happening right at this moment.

 Incoming Coach a Factor

Allen may not be the better choice because there hasn’t been a coaching decision made yet. The interim is Perry Fewell, a guy of ‘fundamentals.’ How he will respond to this challenge is up to him. Working as the head of a team is something he’s familiar with, according to Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell. Is Allen, the right key for the puzzle? The last four games of the season will be a test for this group. The combination of the new coach along with all the changes is really the first one they’ve seen since 2011 when Rivera became the head coach. Their plan to play inspired for Rivera backfired.

Lincoln Riley, the current head coach at Oklahoma, is a coach that fans feel would be best with the current quarterback situation in Carolina. He’s also in a good situation at Oklahoma so he probably won’t leave that job to come and join a team with so many variables to work through.

Whoever the Panthers decide to hire will have a lot of work to do on the team rebuilding it on both sides. Allen along with Cam Newton, guys on the offensive line should not get comfortable. Now that Rivera is gone, the franchise could clean the house.

Unlucky Number Seven?

After the performance Allen had against the Falcons this past Sunday, a 40-20 drubbing, the young quarterback’s future is looking bleak. Assuming Tepper wants to start over with a new quarterback that is ‘his guy,’ the future is not looking too good. It will be interesting to see what changes the Panthers make in the coming months.

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