It’s Time for the Atlanta Falcons to Introduce a New Look

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan passes against the Arizona Cardinals
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 16: Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons throws a first quarter pass against the Arizona Cardinals at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 16, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Falcons introduced new uniforms 16 years ago in 2003. At the time, the look was streamlined, fresh, strong and dynamic. That was then, this is now. They are long overdue now for a new look, specifically a retro-style uniform and logo.

It’s Time for the Atlanta Falcons to Introduce a New Look

The Time Has Come For a New Identity

Starting in 2004, the Atlanta Falcons began to use the red jersey, alternate white pants (red stripes instead of black), and red socks as their permanent home uniform. These were originally introduced as their alternate uniform when the team donned new uniforms the season before. For some strange reason, they were changed to their primary home uniforms. This stands to this day… 16 years later.

Personally, I always found these uniforms to have too much of an “arena league” look and feel to them. A new, fresh look is in dire need. This should have been done when the team moved into the new Mercedes Benz stadium in 2017. The current home and road uniforms are not menacing and far too soft looking. The stripes on the sleeves contribute to them looking like more of a clown outfit. The road white pants don’t mesh properly with the road white jerseys with red numbers. When the team runs out of the tunnel on gameday wearing either the red home jerseys or the road white jerseys (both with white pants), there is no fear instilled in the opponent.

Football is a violent game. Uniforms should reflect some aspect of physical toughness.  This can be depicted by a more fearful color or logo, such as black.

Back in Black

The Falcons made a major change to the team image in 1990, changing back to black jerseys and using a black helmet for the first time in team history.

Red was virtually gone and only showed up in a thin stripe on the pants, thin stripes on the numbers, and the 25th-anniversary logo patch. Even the road white jerseys had black numbers and black socks. Silver pants were worn with both the home black jersey and road white jersey.

This was the best looking uniform the team has ever had to this day. When the teams of the early 1990s took the field, there was a level of intimidation and fear that the team displayed. These retro uniforms of the early 1990s need to brought back on a full-time basis. They are usually worn for two home games per season. This is not nearly enough. These fan-favorite uniforms should be brought back as the full-time home uniforms starting in 2020. Some version of the road uniforms from this era need to be brought back as well to full-time status.

Fans Wanting a Change

Many Atlanta Falcons online message boards contain questions, demands, and inquiries about the status of the uniforms for the upcoming 2019 season as well as the future. They want a new look and a change. Ideally, the team should design more of a modern style version of both the home and road early 1990s uniforms. Alternatively, they can bring back that uniform with no tweaks. The all-black helmet with the retro Falcons logo is what most fans want to see as well.

With every passing year and a new football season upon us, I have hope that some sort of new uniform-related news will be made public. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. Until it does, fans will have to continue to be subjected to the current stale, bland, and outdated 16-year-old uniforms.

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