AFC East Quarterback Rankings - Sam Darnold during day two of mandatory minicamp

2019 AFC East Quarterback Rankings

In this part of the divisional quarterback rankings series, we dive deep into the AFC East quarterback rankings for the 2019 season. In the AFC East, there are two young quarterbacks, Josh Allen, and Sam Darnold, on the rise. Then, there is the greatest quarterback of all-time and a quarterback who should be considered for the hall of fame. This division this year is tougher because the teams have improved as a whole unit.

AFC East Quarterback Rankings for 2019

4. Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold, according to, had more passing yards than the next two quarterbacks on the list at 2,865 while simultaneously having more interceptions (15) and a lower quarterback rating (48.4) than all four on the list. This was Darnold’s rookie year for the New York Jets and he just needs time to improve.

There aren’t many stats under him as he only played his first season. This doesn’t mean he won’t be a prominent player. Darnold’s type follows that of a traditional pocket passer. He could be the next Tom Brady, a pocket passer, with a good defense who just needs a good coach.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick

I tend to find Ryan Fitzpatrick as an underrated quarterback. I ranked him third because I think the quarterback that is ranked second will have a better 2019. Ironically, the next quarterback on this list plays the game of football the same as Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick can throw and scramble and more times than not, he does well when he’s on the move.

Fitzpatrick threw for 2,366 yards, 17 touchdowns, 12 interceptions in only eight games in 2018. He threw for fewer yards but the same amount of touchdowns as Darnold did. Fitzpatrick should be a hall of fame consideration because he does have worthy career highlights despite never making the playoffs.

In this last season, Fitzpatrick helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an awesome start before they missed the playoffs. Now, he is on the Miami Dolphins. It’s likely he has the edge on Josh Rosen to win the starting job. When he moves out of the pocket, that is when he is able to compete and make plays. Hopefully, this helps him have a successful 2019 season.

2. Josh Allen

Josh Allen is ranked second because I think the Buffalo Bills will when the AFC East. I wanted to rank him at one but it’s difficult to rank a player going into his second season ahead of Tom Brady.

Josh Allen is similar to Darnold in the way that they will accomplish great things and become prominent players. The style of football Allen plays is similar to Fitzpatrick, while Darnold’s is similar to Brady. Allen has the most rush yards out of all these quarterbacks at 631, despite having the least amount of touchdowns (10).

Allen is a physical quarterback like Fitzpatrick, who wants to lower their shoulder and go at the opponent. According to, he threw for 2,074 yards but is best when he runs with the ball. Allen literally helped his team win football games, which is something the Bills don’t know well. The Bills may be one of the most underrated teams this season but they are for a good reason.

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is obviously ranked at one because he has been to nine super bowls and has won six. Brady has as many super bowls as the entire Pittsburgh Steelers organization. When Tom Brady and the New England Patriots came back from 25 point deficit in overtime to win Super Bowl LI, then how can you rank Brady anywhere else but one?

This past season Brady and the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII. He threw for 4,355 yards, 29 touchdowns, 11 interceptions with a quarterback rating of 70.5 in the season.

Brady and the Patriots seem to prove the critics wrong every year. They all say they are in a weak division but then, when they make the playoffs and face the so-called tougher teams, they are clearly the better team.

AFC East Quarterbacks Are On the Rise

The AFC East will surprise everyone this season. These AFC East quarterbacks will improve the entire division this season. Brady is considered the greatest quarterback of all-time, Fitzpatrick has always done well wherever he has gone, and then Allen and Darnold are constantly improving. However, this season is new and they both have similar styles of play to Brady and Fitzpatrick. Don’t count out the AFC East quarterbacks and their teams yet.

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