Angel Delgado Broke Record For Rebounds In A Single Game

The Agua Caliente Clippers pulled away after halftime and cruised to a double-digit victory. There was no looking back once the Clippers took the lead.

Angel Delgado had quite an impact in the Agua Caliente Clippers against the Oklahoma City Blue. The game was close all the way until halftime. There were a few players who had an impactful game. They played team basketball and everyone who played on the court made an impact. Some players had a quiet impact while others like Angel Delgado and Jerome Robinson had loud nights. J.J. Avila and Brandon Fields were the two players who had a quiet night. Avila was close to a double-double with 11 points and 9 rebounds. Fields posted 17 points and went 3 of 4 from downtown.

Angel Delgado Has Record-Breaking Night

Angel Delgado broke a record for rebounds grabbed in a single game. The previous record formerly held by Jack Cooley was 29 rebounds. Delgado posted 31 rebounds and 22 points earning a double-double at the same time. Additionally, he tallied two assists to his stats as well. While Delgado was on the floor the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario was at a player efficiency of plus 17. Additionally, he was one of six Clippers in double digits.

First Half Nail Biter

In the first half, the game was close as the stats in the box score indicated. For example, the Blue from downtown went seven of 15, while the Clippers went seven of 19. Once again they each made 19 field goals, while the Blue attempted 47 and the Clippers attempted 46. Despite the close game, they were down by one at the half.

Both teams were playing a man defense which allowed the Clippers to drive to the rim. The Clippers passed the ball on different sequences allowing their teammates to get open and knock down the shot. However, in the first half, the Clippers chose to attack the rim and take what they were given. There is a saying the ball moves faster than the players. The Thunder were inconsistent at times missing jump shots. Then they would go on a run of sequences making jump shots from beyond the arc. Both teams had dunks that got the audience to stand on their feet. There were 13 lead changes in the first half.

The tides started to turn in the third quarter. The Clippers of Ontario came out strong and quick going on a 15-6 run. During the run Jerome Robinson started to heat up; for the game he would end with 28 points, going 7 of 11 from downtown. The Clippers switched from a man to 2-3 zone defense in the third quarter, which seemed to be effective and aide in their run.

The Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario played team basketball sharing the ball ending the game with 16 assists. This is shown in the 20 amount of threes they made out of an attempted 41. Also, they out-rebounded their opponent 58 to 40. These rebounds allowed second chance points and led to the three pointers made, which is twice as many as their opponent.

Oklahoma was struggling to knock down shots, while the Clippers seemed to not be able to miss any shots they attempted. Additionally, the Thunder were attempting to give the Clippers fits by playing man defense. The Clippers had open lanes to the basket because of the defense that they were shown. However, The Clippers wasn’t missing therefore they kept shooting from beyond the arc. At times they would drive in the lane. All game there were not many fouls. In the fourth quarter, there seemed to be more fouls called than in the first three combined.

In conclusion, the Clippers cruised to victory playing team basketball and Angel Delgado broke a record.

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