Takeaways from the Titans vs. Chiefs Playoff Game

Titans Vs. Chiefs
<> at Arrowhead Stadium on January 6, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the first game of the wildcard weekend.

Takeaways from the Titans vs. Chiefs Playoff Game

No Lead Is Safe

Takeaways from the Titans vs. Chiefs Playoff Game By halftime even the announcers were talking as if the game was over. The Kansas City Chiefs had a very strong first half and the Tennessee Titans seemed to not be able to get anything going. Including dropping easy passes and giving up great field position on kickoffs. But after halftime, the Titans returned to the field, still focused and dominated the second half not allowing the chiefs to score in the entire second half, winning the game and moving forward.

Not All Great Catches Are Planned

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota trying to keep the drive alive started to run the ball. Threw it while he was just barely still behind the line, had it blocked back towards him. He was able not only to catch it but then ran and dove in for a touchdown. The only other time this has happened was back in 1997 when the Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson did the same.

Experience Is Not Always Needed

Most of the times, odds makers and fans alike give the odds and nod of who is going to win to the man with the most experience. This game proved that isn’t always the case. Sometimes youth and tenacity can come out ahead. This was Marcus Mariota’s first playoff game, and instead of letting nerves control him. Or even the uphill battle of coming from behind, he was able to lead his team to a win, stunning the Chiefs.

Can Losing One Of Your Best Targets Kill Your Game?

The Chiefs lost TE Travis Kelce for the second half due to a concussion from a questionable hit on the field. Not having him for a target for the rest of the game could account for loss of some yardage. But even if you don’t have your favorite go to person. You need to be able to make plays with others to keep your team moving forward. Especially in a playoff game, there is no try again next week.

Home Field Isn’t A Lock

My father liked to say any team who lost at home was a bookie bet. His meaning that obviously the bookies influenced the game to make money. Because of course the home team should always win. My response would always be. Well why bother playing the game, just add up the home and away games and adjust the playoffs accordingly. As much as this topic gets debated over and over by fans and analysts alike. As much as the home team fans want to watch their team win. We need to remember, it is possible for the home team to lose. Arrowhead stadium was in shocked silence as the last seconds wound off the clock. This game takes a lot and wins or loses in a heartbeat.

Bottom Line

The Titans showed they can play on the big stage. The stage will be even bigger next week no matter which team they play. They will need to keep the ball and takeaway from their opponent to keep winning. If they want to continue forward they need to keep the same concentration and grit they showed this week.

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