The Impact of NFL Players vs Politics

The journey to the National Football league is a dream that thousands of young athletes that play football pursue. Athletes prepare themselves for one opportunity that will change their entire culture and family. Their constant memories of quiet moments alone in the locker rooms after close losses and fierce victories rush through their minds and motivate them towards their goal while defying all odds, doubters, competitors. The journey is not easy, It produces high risk and high reward in addition to repeated injuries to athletes physical body, mind, and soul. All this just to improve their overall livelihood. Is the journey to the National Football League political? Or is it taking ownership of adverse situations and compiling that energy into a fierce form of talent?

The Impact of NFL Players vs Politics

Recently the political world breached the world of sports and National Football League like never before. Instead of paying attention the action on the field in relation to an athletes fantasy stats, we tune in closely to observe the pregame because of athlete’s actions during the national anthem. These actions of the athletes produced a world wind of criticism and discussion regarding how athletes choose to express their views on issues that cripple their inner-city and other communities.

Were the expressions of the athletes political? Or have we witnessed the birth of the modern day professional athlete recognizing the power of their voice and impact? Most athletes who voice their opinion regarding socioeconomic issues sometimes feel they are muted by the lack of media exposure. For example, every week professional athletes are recognized by their performances regardless of whether it is good or bad. Their voices are heard most by how they perform, instead of what is communicated from their mouths. However, very few or selective professional athletes voices are heard unless there is a press conference, post-game recap, or media day. So, when the players decide to use their greatest platform to display their inner feelings on the field by expressing their passions, desires, and views, that should be common, correct or incorrect?

Millions of people are glued to television screens for the actions and performances of athletes for entertainment at local bars, residence, and stadiums to support one of National Football League’s 32 teams. The groups are diverse and vary based on cultures and different races coming together in unity to cheer on their favorite teams and performers.

Sport Unites

For this very reason confirms why the greatest common denominator for politics, socioeconomic differences, and social issues in communities around the world is the National Football League. The NFL provides 32 locations and thousands outside each of them all over the world to witness the greatest form of unity and cultural diversity every week. The greatest voice to be heard amongst athletes, politicians, and fans are the love for football.

The only divisive nature of the National Football League is when visiting teams compete against the home team. In most cases, after the game is played the competitors on the field embraces one another with respect and admiration for each other’s talents. So the greatest voice and ballot that is cast comes from the love of for the game. In football, there is only one overall campaign which is the greatest show on earth and it is the Super Bowl. The love for football provides the peace and unity that has the power to bring all issues to one common ground.

Do you think the involvement of politics in the National Football League taints your love for the game? If so, why or why not? ( Please post comments below)

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