Five of the Biggest Injuries From NFL Week Four

We know injuries are part of the game, so let’s recap some of the biggest from the week.

Five of the Biggest Injuries From NFL Week Four

Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings RB

If you were watching the game, you saw it, the ball fall to the ground and he grabbing at his knee before anyone touched him. That is scary when you see it, you know it usually is not good. The vast majority of fans do not want to see anyone go down due to injury. Cook is a talented young rookie who the Vikings were hoping would bring life and energy to their running game. Sadly that will now have to wait for next year to see if he can come back from a season-ending torn ACL. Time will tell if others on the team can take up the slack or if they are going to try and pull in another to replace him for the year. However this on top of other injuries from pre-season puts their game in jeopardy early in the year.

Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks RB

Another rookie, another running back and another potential season ending injury. Though, this is a fracture/break in his leg, so depending on the severity and how it heals, he could see action again this year. As of now he is on the injured reserve list. As long as he can make it back this season the Seahawks don’t have to do much roster shifting. But it will be interesting to see week to week, how they go about filling the void. Also it can create an opportunity for someone to step up and take a lead role in their ground game.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders, QB

Let’s be honest, any quarterback of any team needs to be a general and lead their team into combat. When that leader goes down to injury, it shakes the team to the core. In his fourth year, Carr is finding is niche on the team and showing his skill. According to reports, the stress fracture in his back should only keep him out for approximately two to three weeks. Although, one of the hardest positions to have a good player in is, second string quarterback. If your team has a star quarterback, it is hard to find someone of equal talent to sit on the bench waiting for that opportunity. Now we will see what E.J. Manuel can do for the Raiders, as we wait to see if Carr can come back as soon as they predict. If not, it can truly break the season for the Raiders.

Jordan Matthews WR, Ramon Humber LB, and Colt Anderson S, the Buffalo Bills

This team has the look of a team that has been taken and scrambled like a plate of eggs. All three of these players have injuries requiring surgery that have put them on the out indefinitely list. True, they could still come back at some point and the season is still young. However the Bills have been trying to rebuild in the last few years. This includes major coaching changes as well as trades of players. Three men from three areas of the line-up makes it a challenge for the coaching staff to get the spaces filled properly.

The Bills are in a division that each division game is immensely important heading into the playoffs . They have a non-division game coming up this week against a very weakly performing Cincinnati Bengals team. After that is their bye week. Hopefully by week seven they have strong replacements in place or their injured healed and back on the field.

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers, WR

Thursday night football, prime time, large audience of fans watching. One of the best rivalries in football in the Packers vs Bears. This was an emotional, fired up game, and when Davante Adams was in the process of being tackled and Danny Trevathan came in and nailed a helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless Adams, it went beyond fired up. Whereas this injury won’t impact the team as far as Adams being out long. There is a possibility he might miss this week as he is under concussion protocol.

This injury will impact the next time these two teams meet. The NFL has  suspended Danny Trevathan for two games for the hit. The NFL is doing its best to protect the players from preventable injuries and this is a means to that end. But these two teams are in the same division and meet again week ten. There are always going to be long memories when there are cheap hits like this. Although try as coaches might to keep their guys focused, no one forgets seeing their teammate knocked unconscious on the field. So this will be another we will watch and see how it unfolds, in the meantime, hopefully coaches will keep on their players to keep them from dangerous hits.

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