Why Tom Brady Will Win Another Super Bowl

Why Tom Brady Will Win Another Super Bowl

Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls in his 18 year NFL career. At the age of 40, will Tom Brady win another Super Bowl? That question seems staggering if it was anyone other than Tom Brady. The fact that there is a QB at the age of 40 still starting in the NFL is remarkable. That same QB, at the top of his game, and coming off a Super Bowl winning season is legendary. There is still time for Brady to win another Super Bowl, as he has said that he wants to play another five years. Here are the reasons why:

1. He’s Still at the Top of his Game

At age 40, Tom Brady has not missed a step! He is still at the top of his game after winning the Super Bowl last year. Even though he was suspended the first four games of the season due to “Deflategate,” Brady managed to put up historical numbers. With 28 touchdowns to just 2 interceptions, Brady set the best TD:INT ratio in NFL History. Brady has thrown for over 4,000 yards and 30 TDs in five of the last seven seasons. Brady has thrown for over ten INTs in just three seasons since 2007. So far, Tom Brady has not slowed down one bit. This season will be a test of whether or not a 40-year-old Brady can win the Super Bowl yet again.

2. Gronk Will Still be Around and Try to be Healthy

Rob Gronkowski came at the perfect time in Tom Brady’s career. Gronk comes at a time in Brady’s career where we aren’t sure how long Brady has left and where Brady needs a premiere target. Throughout Brady’s career, he has had two legit threats at wide receiver or tight end; Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski has caught more touchdown passes from Brady than anyone else with 68 TD’s. We all know that Brady can make players great. When he has the opportunity to have a great player all on their own on his team, he can do great things. We saw it in 2007 when he threw 23 TD’s to Randy Moss and went undefeated in the regular season. Gronk has had issues with his health, but as long as he is healthy, there shouldn’t be any issues with Brady winning another Super Bowl.

3. Bill Belichick

As long as Bill Belichick is coaching Tom Brady, no other team will stop Brady from getting his sixth Super Bowl. Belichick and Brady have been together for all five of their Super Bowl victories. Belichick has proven that he is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and probably one of the greatest coaches in all of sports. What makes Belichick such a great coach is that he is a good judge of players who can fit well with Brady.

4. Tom Brady can still Create Play-Makers.

I have always said that Tom Brady is the Michael Jordan of Football. Not because Michael Jordan is the greatest, but because Jordan could make ordinary players into great players who contribute to the team. Jordan had a way where he could make players great, like Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. Brady does the same where he can take a no-name player and make them into someone, like Dion Lewis and Chris Hogan. Without Brady, these players would not be play-makers on a team.

In Closing

We won’t know for sure if Brady has what it takes until we get further into the season. Still, it doesn’t look like Brady is going to slow down. Tom Brady has always been able to create players around him to win Super Bowls. He still has Gronk on his team and as long as he is healthy, Brady will have a good chance to repeat as Super Bowl Champ.

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