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Top Five Worst Boston Sports Losses Since 2000

Every storied franchise has its ups and downs. Boston has had more than its share of championships, but it has also experienced the emptiness of defeat more times than not. From Aaron Boone to Lebron James, here are the top five worst losses in Boston sports since 2000.

Top 5 Worst Losses in Boston Sports History

5. Celtics Lose Game 7 of the ECF to Lebron and the Cavs

Date: May 27h, 2018

Location: TD Garden (Boston, Mass)

Result: Lebron James continues his reign on the Eastern Conference

Lebron James has been a thorn in the Celtics side for the better part of the 2010s. His dominance was capped off by a game 7 road win against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals last May. Lebron James dropped 35 on the Celts, while Boston couldn’t even muster 80 points for the whole game. A chance for the Celtics to compete for an NBA title once again was extinguished by Lebron and the Cavs.

The reason this loss is not higher is that a win guaranteed nothing but an appearance in the Finals. The Celtics would have faced off against a healthy and dominant Warriors squad that most likely would’ve put them in their place. However, this is still a loss many Celtics fans will never forget.

4. Bruins Collapse in Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Date: June 24th, 2013

Location: TD Garden (Boston, Mass)

Result: Bruins lose Stanley Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks

2 goals, 17 seconds. That phrase will ring in the ears of Bruins fans for eternity. After being up 2-1 with just over a minute to go, the Chicago Blackhawks stormed back and scored twice in just 17 seconds to steal game 6 and the cup from the Boston Bruins.

In terms of shock factor, this may be number one in many eyes. Boston fans went from extreme happiness to extreme sorrow in under 30 seconds. A collapse of epic proportions has led to years of regret for the Boston Bruins.

3. Boston Bruins Lose to the St. Louis Blues in Game 7

Date: June 12th, 2019

Location: TD Garden (Boston, Mass)

Result: Bruins lose second Stanley Cup in just six years

Still a fresh wound for Bruins fans, the game 7 loss against the Blues still aches in the heart of many. A game that some have even called the biggest game in Boston Bruins history, ended in the worst way possible. The St. Louis Blues ran the Boston Bruins out of their own building that dreadful Wednesday night and captured their first Stanley Cup ever.

This was the second Stanley Cup loss in the last six years for the Bruins, not to mention both were on home ice. What makes this loss even more devastating was how open the door was for the Bruins. With home-ice in hand and the powerhouses of the league out of the way, The Bruins flopped straight on their face and disappointed Boston fans once again.

2. Aaron Boone Knocks Out the Boston Red Sox

Date: October 15th, 2003

Location: Yankee Stadium (Bronx, New York)

Result: Red Sox eliminated in game 7

Bottom of the 11th. ALCS game 7. Aaron Boone up to bat. Ask any Red Sox fan over the age of 30, and they’ll be able to tell you exactly where they were when Aaron Boone launched a moonshot into the New York sky to eliminate the Red Sox. Not only was this loss to the hated New York Yankees, but it added yet another year onto the dreaded 86-year curse.

It is one of the most memorable moments in Boston history and not for good reason. Aaron Boone will forever be known for one thing and one thing only; eliminating the Boston Red Sox with one swing of the bat.

1. NY Giants Spoil Patriots Perfect Season

Date: February 3rd, 2008

Location: Super Bowl 42 (Glendale, Arizona)

Result: New York Giants spoil Patriots perfect season

The worst loss in Boston sports this decade cannot be stated without the mention of this game. And boy was it bad. The Patriots walked into Arizona a perfect 18-0 and walked out as heartbroken as ever. After a hard fought game, David Tyree made quite possibly the luckiest and hardest catch in NFL history to keep the Giants drive alive. That would lead to an eventual Giants TD, culminating to a Lombardi Trophy as well.

Many will never see a perfect season in their lifetime, but oh how close we were in 2008. Arguably the most dominate New England Patriots team ever fell victim to the hated Giants in the biggest game of the season. New England lost just one game that year, and it was the most important of them all.

Little Bit of Everything

Although Boston is known for its dominance in the 21st century, it has experienced some pretty heartbreaking losses. Sports have the ability to make and break your day/week/month even lifetime. The city of Boston is lucky enough to have 12 trophies since 2001 but is also unlucky in the sense they’ve lost six championship matchups as well. This list will most likely fluctuate in a couple of years due to the dominance and success of Boston sports, but one thing will remain constant; With success comes failure and Boston knows the tune to both.

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