Why Commissioner Manfred Should Leave Mike Trout Be

Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, took some shots at Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout during a press conference over the All Star break. Manfred knocked Trout’s self-promotion and marketing as the best player in Major League baseball.

Basically what Manfred said is that Trout would be an even bigger star in the sports world if he spent more time marketing himself. Mr. Commissioner, I am sorry but you are wrong. Mike Trout owes Major League Baseball absolutely nothing, and he should keep doing things his way. Here is why:

Fan Interaction

Quote From Manfred: “If he wants to engage and be more active in that area, I think we could help him make his brand really, really big.”

Manfred discusses who Trout is not currently actively involved in his own self-promotion. There are three different instances where Trout was taken time, on a Game Day, to spend some time with a young fan. One of the most popular is the video that surfaced from the Angels dugout where Trout surprised a young fan and gave him one of his bats.

Well Commish, I can tell you for a fact that there is not a single player in baseball that dedicates more time to engage with fans than Mike Trout. After all, this game is about entertaining the fans, right?

Tremendous Role Model

Quote From Angels: “Mike Trout is an exceptional ambassador for the game. Combined with his talent, his solid character creates a perfect role model for young people everywhere.”

Mike Trout is exactly the type of person and ball player parents should want their young kids to look up to. Trout plays the game hard, and the right way. Wether he goes 0-for-4 or 4-for-4, he is the same guy with his teammates and the media. Kids should see that and realize that you need to be able to stay level headed, no matter the result. Trout walks around the field with that signature big smile of his no matter what. He truly enjoys playing the game of baseball.

Trout is also extremely involved in the community, as he visits hospitals, school, and is involved in multiple charities. Trout is not only a tremendous ball player, but is also one of the best role models you’ll find in the game of baseball.

As the Angels go on to say, Trout does not let his abilities and his self-promotion get in the way of his personal values.

Lets His Play Do the Talking

Quote From Trout: “I am not a petty guy and would really encourage everyone just to move forward. Everything is cool between the Commissioner and myself. End of story. I am just ready to play some baseball!”

THIS, this is exactly why Mike Trout is the best. He’s incredible at playing the game of baseball. You know what, he is damn fun to watch play baseball as well. Trout is just a very competitive guy who really enjoys playing baseball and being incredibly good at it.

It is not Mike Trout’s job to make himself a star, he already does that with his play. He is a guy who just wants to go out and play the game of baseball. Mike Trout is 25 years old, he is already putting up Hall of Fame type numbers, his play does enough promoting.

Last Word

I understand where Commissioner Manfred is coming from. Baseball does need to market their stars a whole lot better than they currently are. However, if Trout just wants to go about things his way, what is the problem in that? Let Mike Trout do his thing, leave him be. I think with his stats and accomplishments to this point, he has earned that. There are plenty of other stars in the game of baseball to promote Commissioner, leave Mike Trout alone.

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