College Football Rivalries

The Top 6 College Football Rivalries


Sports rivalry is usually intense, not only for the athlete but also with fans. It often exists as banter but sometimes degenerates to physical assault or violence from heated arguments or provocation.

Most times, rivalry exists between neighboring teams and it grows that it is passed from generation to generation, so it would not be surprising to see someone born in a certain region see his home team as superior to an opposing team. When this happens in football, it can be titled a local derby. Ask any football (soccer) fan, derbies are always one of the most exciting things to look forward to in a season.

At some other time, rivalry can stem from intense competition between different historical backgrounds or opposing political views. So are you a football fan? Then you will want to find out the top 6 college football rivalries in no particular order.

The Top 6 College Football Rivalries

Army Versus Navy

is an age-long rivalry that exists between these two service academies. This rivalry is more than football but is one filled with respect for each other. Historically, the Navy is a notch ahead of the Army. However, in recent meetings, this game seems to be less of a contest and more of pageantry, with the Army have been up with the lead

Georgia Vs Florida

Florida has always dominated Georgia in its head-to-head meeting; for its large followership, it has been nicknamed– the largest outdoor cocktail party. The rivalry between two teams offers the best of football, and since they are in the same league, trust the fans to make the atmosphere electrifying when these two teams are battling it out on the pitch.

Ohio State Vs Michigan

Unlike the previous example, the fans of these teams are in no love fest with each other. Statistically, Ohio State, also known as the Buckeyes, have an impressive record of seven wins against the Wolverines and Michigan State in the last eight tries. With the apparent sentiment in the stands, the two are at each other’s throats to keep the show on. So expect the NCAAF odds to be in favor of Ohio State as they hold more wins over the past two decades.

Mississippi Vs Mississippi State

Nicknamed the Egg bowl, it is one of the oldest rivalries in college football to go uninterrupted. Though fans are not one hell of supporters

Alabama Vs Auburn

You can trust the matchup between Alabama and Auburn to be heated. The fans are always ready to go to any length to support and cheer their exceptional team. Of the 85 times they faced off, there has been a draw just once, with Alabama having won 48 times and Auburn 37 times.

Florida State Vs Miami (FL)

One highlight of the rivalry between Florida State and Miami (FL) is the pedigree of players they seem to attract away. You can trust two opposing star-studded teams to attract fans. And you can trust fans to bant and downplay each other’s players.

Other notable rivalries are:

Harvard Vs Yale

Though these teams no longer compete at the highest level, their rivalry helped shape the way college football is played today.


These two colleges have good sports programs, and they are always digging it out for who is the best in Los Angeles, though neither of them is yet to make a mark nationally.

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