Top 10 Baseball Video Games of All-Time

Baseball video games are some of the very best out there. The game modes and the graphics have changed very much to today’s games. Baseball can even be played in the form of baseball mobile, on the the go on your mobile devices. Some of the best free iOS Sports App’s are baseball apps. Here are the top 10 Baseball Video Games of All-Time.

Top 10 Baseball Video Games of All-Time

10. World Series Baseball (1993)

World Series Baseball was released back in 1994 by Sega. It was the first game to be licensed by MLB and the MLBPA. This created the most authentic feel to the video game. Even though it as a Sega game, World Series Baseball had a very realistic feel and presentation. It paved the way for the other games on this list.

9. MLB Slugfest (2003)

MLB Slugfest was the Bigs on steroids. The Bigs decided to dial everything down a notch, where Slugfest decided to dial it up. Slugfest took the violence, and added in a little baseball. In fact, it is the only MLB licensed T-rated game. Also, how many sports games let you play a full nine innings as dolphins, eagles, clowns, scorpions, and many more?

8. Mario Super Sluggers (2008)

Mario Super Sluggers is a very underrated sports video game. You get to play as the Mario characters on a baseball field. It doesn’t get much better than that. When in doubt, first pick is always Bowser! Despite the lack of an MLB license, this was truly one of the more enjoyable baseball video games out there.

7. The Bigs (2007)

The Bigs is a fun, arcade style video game. Between the power ups, the Rookie Challenge, and the Home Run pinball, this game was very entertaining. The Bigs gave baseball more of a “street” feeling to the game. The Bigs combined the street, and the actual baseball feel in a great game. How many games have you hitting homers in the Middle of Times Square!

6. MVP 06: NCAA Baseball (2006)

The MVP college baseball series was the only video game college baseball series. It was perhaps one of the more entertaining baseball series as well. The game was very similar from year to year, however the idea of being able to play as your favorite college, current school, or alma mater was awesome. Roll Tide!

5. Backyard Baseball (1997)

The Backyard Sports series was one of the best series in all of video game history. Backyard baseball brought you not only made up characters but also MLB sluggers. It started as just a computer game, now it has taken off to video games. Perhaps the greatest asset of the game was that you were playing with actual “backyard kids.”

4. MLB: The Show Series (2006)

The Show series has taken off in the more recent years. It is now one of the only baseball video games out there. The Show is very similar, however the always entertaining Road to the Show mode is awesome. MLB the Show continues to get better and better each year.

3. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (1994)

Just look at the name of this game, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents. I would buy any game that Griffey Jr. is representing. Griffey was one outstanding ballplayer, and this was one outstanding game. The game had a long list of ground breaking game play features for it’s time. Players were based off of themes from the area their team came from which was a cool feature.

2. RBI Baseball (1986)

RBI Baseball started back in 1986, and is still around to this day. The arcade style baseball game is fun and fast paced. RBI Baseball is up there with some of the best Android Sports App’s in the app store. The RBI baseball series has only improved to today’s game.

1. MVP Baseball 2005

MVP Baseball 2005 is one of the best baseball video games of all time, and by some the best sports video game of all-time. This game offered not just awesome gameplay, but it also included a huge variety of teams. Players could use not only the MLB teams, but also their A, AA, and AAA affiliate. This game was simple, and addicting. There’s just something about hitting baseballs up ramps in that mini game that’s extremely addicting.

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