Three Popular Sports to Try in Online Betting

One of the industries that suffered significant losses due to COVID-19 is the gambling industry. With the temporary closure of bookies and casinos, many people are also itching to make money from betting.

That said, many people are looking into betting online, which is a safer way to bet instead of going to the local bookies (assuming some bookies are still around). If you’re into sports betting, but can’t decide which sport to bet on online, then good news, you’re in the right place.

Three Popular Sports To Try in Online Betting


Probably the sport which has the biggest bets on the line is boxing. It’s always a spectacle how two fighters fight each other with their style of boxing.

While boxing has a significant decrease in popularity in recent decades, many people are still into the golden age of boxing of the past. With big names in the industry such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquaio, etc., people are still expecting their fights.

Is boxing an excellent sport to bet on? And how does it work? A bout can finish only three ways, either the red or blue corner wins, and a draw in boxing.

This is pretty easy as you have to predict how the outcome will go, and then you bet on the prediction. Of course, there are other bets you can bet on, like when the match will end, or will it end on a TKO or KO.

Some of the bets you can participate in boxing are over/under, method of victory, and round group betting.

For over/under bets, you have to bet on which round the match will end. Some players are soft-punchers, and some are experts in KO. If you know the fighters well, you can tell which of them are soft-punchers and KO artists. Soft punchers tend to last longer, and KO artists can end a match instantly.

The victory method is pretty understandable since all you have to do is choose whether the fight will end on a decision or by KO. Round group betting is also straightforward as you only have to pick a group of rounds the match will end with, whether it will end between 4-6 or 7-9.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports among bettors. It wouldn’t be as popular today if no bettors are interested in the sport. This is probably because it’s also one of the most accessible sports to start betting on.

You have to pick a winning horse and bet on it. If the horse comes in the first place, then you win. Easy, right? Probably. But the question is, how do you pick a winning horse? That’s where it doesn’t go very smoothly.

You see, there is a science in picking a winning horse. From the breed to the jockey and the type of track the horse will be running on, picking a winning horse is complex. Also, there are two main bets you can place your money on, which are the show bets and place bets.

A show bet is betting if your chosen horse will win first, second, or third. It’s straightforward enough for beginners and easy to win, although the payout is on the small side. However, the payout might be small, but you only have a small chance of losing.

For place bets, you have to pick whether your horse will come in first and second. The bet is slightly risky than show bets, but the payout is a lot larger than show bets.


Many people will disagree, but football is one of the most accessible sports to bet on, especially for intermediate bettors or bettors who had a relatively small betting experience. Sports are responsible for any losses, but it’s also the sport where you can make it big.

However, if football is easy to win in betting, why do many people find it challenging to increase their ROI? Like any sports betting, you need to research tips and advice on winning in football betting. But the fact there is a lot of knowledge that you can find online with proven research and predictions gives you an 80% chance of winning.

Also, because of the sport’s low scoring nature, an upset can happen anytime in the game, right in every match. This ruins your prospects of winning, but if you’re a veteran in football betting, you should know that you have to learn to beat these upsets to win many victories in football betting.


If you’re huge in gambling, surely you wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it big, whether in bookies or online. Also, if you’re huge into sports betting, you can pick many choices in online gambling. With COVID-19 still around the country, there is no better time to get into online betting.

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