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Three Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys Takeaways

Week three in the NFL was one for quarterbacks, more specifically which quarterbacks are still here and which are out for multiple reasons. All of that aside, there are teams running strong and teams still trying to get their footing. Here are three Miami Dolphins takeaways vs. Dallas Cowboys takeaways.

Three Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys Takeaways

Worst Team in the League?

Welp, you don’t want to hear that if you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins. However, it is being said a lot lately, and certainly, the stats and record seem to endorse that title. On their first possession, they showed everyone what they have been showing in the first two weeks. They can’t put any energy into pushing the ball down the field. Last week they were the only team to score zero points, this week it was only two field goals. No team is going to do well with no offense to speak of.

Although the defense for the Dolphins held them for the first couple of drives, once the dam opens the defense isn’t strong enough to stop the wave from coming through. Opening drives aside, why are the Dolphins simply not making enough plays to stay competitive? While the six points they scored today, was six more than last week. The Dolphins just can’t seem to put big numbers on the board.

How Strong is Dallas?

Let’s look at the other side of the field, are the Cowboys this good, or are they playing subpar teams? Dak Prescott had another solid showing, however, he doesn’t have to work hard against a Dolphins team to do it. Prescott has a strong defense backing him up. He doesn’t need to put up flashy numbers every week to keep winning so far. Against a weak team like the Dolphins, he could have almost sat out half the game and still picked up a win.

What is the Future Going to Look Like?

Next week, the Dolphins go back home to face the Los Angeles Chargers. While the Cowboys have the Sunday night game in New Orleans against the New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys were going to have a much bigger challenge before the Saints lost Drew Brees to a thumb injury, leaving Teddy Bridgewater in the driver’s seat.

Of these two teams, the Cowboys are on much more solid ground looking ahead, while the Dolphins are just seemingly trying to figure it out. The Dolphins are on their fourth head coach in five years. Making so many changes so often is not giving the team the stability they need. They need to pick a coach and stay with him long enough to build the team in his image.

What to Look for in Week Four

The Cowboys can pretty well do what they have been doing and should keep on winning. With the possible exception of their receivers getting out in the open just a bit more than this week to help Prescott out. But even still, Prescott is good at threading the needle.

The Dolphins, however, aren’t doing anything right. They need to play stronger on third downs to keep the possessions longer, as well as make the big plays downfield. Their defense also needs to step up and keep the opposing teams from flying down the field before they can catch their breath. Tightening the pass coverage and rushing the quarterback would be a great start to throw the other teams off their game. We shall see if these changes come about.

Those are the biggest Miami Dolphins takeaways vs. Dallas Cowboys takeaways.

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