The Top Five Moments of Michael Jordan’s Career

The debate over who the G.O.A.T. is will never end. Seriously, every time a generational player comes along they’re compared to another great from a bygone era. We can all agree that Michael Jordan still and always will stand as one of the greatest players to ever step onto the hardwood.

That being said, it’s a near insurmountable task to find just five moments of Michael Jordan’s career in a career filled with iconic moments and highlights. But, that’s why the internet exists. Respectful debate.

5. The Shot vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, 1989 playoffs

There are two moments that are called “the shot” in MJ’s career. This one, many would agree, is where the legend truly began. In 1989, the Bulls barely snuck into the playoffs as the 6th seed, and faced the third seed Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round. It would go to a deciding fifth game and with time running down, MJ would sink a buzzer beater that would break the Cavaliers hearts for the second year in a row. And if you know anything about him, you’ll know Michael Jordan had a few quotes to remember after!

4. The Switch Hand Layup, 1991 NBA Finals vs. The Los Angeles Lakers

Game Two of the NBA Finals, the Lakers stole game one in Chicago. If the Bulls wanted a championship, they were going to have to put that bitter loss behind them. Game Two was a different animal however. MJ would don his superman cape, and take the game over in the second half. Capped off by one of the prettiest layups ever witnessed by man.

3. The Shrug Game vs. the Portland Trail Blazers, 1992 finals

MJ back in the finals again and he would absolutely bury the Trail Blazers in the first half for 6 3-pointers, a record at the time. 39 points overall in the first half. He used the finals to showcase greatness time and again. The highlight package says it all here, there’s only so much words can give you.

2. The Free Throw Line Dunk, NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1987

This dunk was turned into a multi million dollar brand. It belongs on this list.

1. The Shot vs. the Utah Jazz 1998 Finals. also known as the end of the legend

Well, if a legendary career is going to end, it may as well be in style. 1998 was the last dance of the Chicago bulls, and what a way for it to end. Although the bulls have been embarrassingly mediocre for years since this shot, it truly marked the perfect footnote to a legendary career.

Honorable Mentions

The Flu Game vs the Jazz

The Con Game vs. the Knicks

The Slam Dunk Contest battles with Dominique Wilkins

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