Milwaukee Bar Offering Hilarious Promotion to Football Fans When Aaron Rodgers Loses

It’s no surprise that former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was unhappy with the Green Bay Packers‘ front office, leading him to sign a mega deal that would bring him to the New York Jets. Packers fans were and are still bitter about how this situation went down.

The good news is in Milwaukee, “Jack’s American Pub” is covering the customer’s bar tab whenever Rodgers and the Jets lose this season. They are offering to cover customers’ tabs for their drinks if Rodgers and the Jets take a loss anytime during the season.

Now of course, there are a few stipulations to this offer:

  1. Tab must be opened 15 minutes before kickoff
  2. Promotion does not include food
  3. Offer only applies if Rodgers is starting and if the Jets game does not coincide with a Packers game

Even with these rules in place, Packers fans will still have lots of opportunities to get in on this offer. The pity is strong in Wisconsin for Aaron Rodgers, and you cannot really blame them after the way he left the franchise.

Milwaukee Has a Bar with a Fantastic Offer

Some people have different opinions on the promotion, saying that it will not happen often due to Rodgers leading the Jets to many victories this season, and there’s a chance that they have a good point. Rodgers has a plethora of targets in New York to choose from, including Garrett Wilson, Mecole Hardman Jr., and even former teammate in Green Bay Allen Lazard.

On the other hand, fans in Wisconsin are praying for the worst as they want to cash in as many free drinks as possible, saying that Aaron Rodgers will be just as bad on the Jets as he was for the Packers last season. While this seems very unlikely to be the case, it is definitely a possibility.

Rodgers in 2022 had one of his worst seasons of his career, only throwing for 3,695 yards and 26 touchdowns, which led to the Packers ultimately missing a postseason birth. Now with the former Green Bay sensation in New York, fans from all over are ready to take advantage of this hilarious offer.

Overall, this offer from Jack’s American Pub is a funny idea to bring in more customers but is also kind of sad from an NFL fan’s perspective. They’re basically saying that the Packers will never recover from this “tragedy”. When the trade first happened, Green Bay fans were all praising the lord, as they were ready to move on to “bigger and better things”.

Well, from the looks of it, it looks like the state of Wisconsin is everything besides ready to accept the fact that Aaron Rodgers will be playing for another team. The good news from this is, the local pub in Milwaukee should do very well this season, as fans will be rushing in before game day to see if they will be able to cash in on this offer.

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