How the Top Quarterback Prospects Would Fit With Buffalo

The 2018 NFL draft has a plethora of high potential quarterbacks. While all of them have their detractors, they all have something that makes them stand out from each other. One quarterback-needy team in this year’s draft is the Buffalo Bills. They currently have the twelfth and twenty-second picks in the draft but have been rumored to be trading up. They have been meeting with all of the top quarterbacks throughout the draft process and who they really want remains a mystery. Which quarterback is the best fit in Buffalo remains to be seen. For now, here is how the top quarterback prospects would fit with Buffalo.

How the Top Quarterback Prospects Would Fit With Buffalo

6. Lamar Jackson

The first quarterback here is Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Jackson is the fifth-ranked quarterback in this draft. Jackson is touted as having the best athleticism of the group. While this is true from a pure skill standpoint, Jackson isn’t the smartest runner in the class. Jackson has a unique ability to match his speed with above-average arm strength. Jackson’s weaknesses begin to show when you look at his accuracy. Jackson struggles to hit receivers at times which is basically the Bills problem with Tyrod Taylor. It is unlikely the Bills move on from Taylor to draft another athletic passer with issues reading a field.

5. Mason Rudolph

The main reason that Rudolph appears unlikely to be the Bills pick is that they will most likely have already selected a quarterback before Rudolph’s average draft position would come up. Rudolph is the quarterback who has the chance to fall out of the top fifteen in the draft. Buffalo will more than likely have selected a quarterback by the twelfth pick. Rudolph is also a quarterback who will need time to develop and the Bills need to draft someone who can help them win now and capitalize on their recent playoff birth.

4. Josh Allen

Josh Allen is the wildcard quarterback. Coming out of Wyoming, Allen doesn’t have the most flattering tape. However, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the raw skills that every quarterback needs. Allen didn’t have the best talent around him in Wyoming which may have contributed to his struggles. Allen did have an impressive showing at the NFL combine. If a team who is content with building up a project quarterback with high potential, then Allen would be perfect for them. This is not what the Bills are equipped to do, so they should pass on Allen come draft night.

3. Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold is in the conversation with Allen and Baker Mayfield for the Browns top spot. This is because of the flashes he has shown at USC. Darnold has shown star potential and had a solid NFL combine performance. He may not have the arm strength of Allen or the Heisman Trophy like Mayfield, but he has the perfect mix of talent and potential that gives him the chance to be the best quarterback from this class. Darnold has his flaws just like every quarterback does, but Darnold has shown he is no flash in the pan quarterback. Darnold would be a great fit with Buffalo, but he might not escape the first pick. Buffalo needs a quarterback with high potential who can still come in and contribute. Darnold can do that. He may be a little rustier than other quarterbacks from this class.

2. Baker Mayfield

Another quarterback being linked to the coveted first overall pick. This designation is rightfully earned. The Hisman winner had an excellent career at Oklahoma. Mayfield would be a welcome fit in Buffalo. He is a hard-working guy who was told he couldn’t make it to where he is. He relates well to the people of Buffalo and he would be welcomed by a fanbase that has to watch quarterbacks get drafted and fail from JP Losman to EJ Manuel. Mayfield may be undersized, but his size is similar to Drew Brees who has shown you can be successful from that size. Mayfield would benefit from a run-heavy offense that allows him to use play action to open up the field with Charles Clay and others.

1. Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen may be the best fit for Buffalo for a few reasons. Firstly, he may be the most likely candidate to be the best quarterback available at their top trade targets. Mayfield, Allen, and Darnold may all go in the top 3 picks. If Buffalo traded up to 5 or 6, the best available would be Josh Rosen. Rosen comes from UCLA where the weather is nothing like Buffalo. Buffalo often only has one or two snow games a year so the weather shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Wind isn’t as big of a factor as many make it seem. Any open stadium can be subject to windy games. Rosen may be the most NFL ready of the class and that is what Buffalo needs. Rosen can use his balanced talent to assume control of the offense and lead the Bills back to the playoffs.

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