Here We Go! Dak Prescott’s MVP Stretch

Dak Prescott‘s signature “Yeah, here we go!” snap cadence is a very unique one that has taken the NFL by storm. Similar to Peyton Manning‘s “Omaha” it’s interesting to see what the quarterback will cook up after the call. Talking about cooking, Prescott has been giving secondaries and defensive coordinators nightmares leading up to their matchups.

He’s been lights out since Week 5 and continues to quiet a lot of critics. It’s crazy to believe some thought he forgot how to play football after last season but now there may not be a quarterback playing better than him. He’s playing both elite and MVP-level ball and is deserving to be considered as so. Wondering what makes Prescott a top MVP candidate? Well, here we go!

Here We Go! Dak Prescott‘s MVP Stretch

It’s Rayneing Touchdowns

There’s one more game left to play in November, but Prescott has been playing like a madman. The Dallas Cowboys have won five of their last six and have scored 30+ points in four of those games. While on this hot streak, he’s thrown for 1,874 yards 18 touchdowns and two interceptions, while adding two touchdowns on the ground. This is the best stretch of football he’s played in November throughout his career.

He’s second in touchdown passes thrown (23), QBR, and completion percentage. His touchdown efforts haven’t been “Dink and Dak” either. On passes ranging from 10-19 yards, he’s thrown for seven touchdowns and one interception. On deep balls ( 20+ yards) he has an eight touchdown to one interception ratio. Through week 12, he’s PFF’s highest-graded quarterback and is now tied for the fourth-best odds to win MVP.

Same Guy, Different Year

The numbers Prescott has put up shouldn’t come as a surprise, he’s been this type of player for the majority of his career. When it’s all said it done this may be the best season he’s had of his career (for right now). It’s looking like he’s on pace to surpass what he accomplished in 2021. In that season he finished with 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He may be putting up great individual numbers or “stat padding” as some would say but it’s what doesn’t show up on the box scores that’s more impressive.

“Dak is excelling in the intangibles. Sure his tangible traits like ball placement, and scrambling have shined, but he’s one of the best in the game right now in the pre-snap phase” Rog Gregson, A To Z sports stated. ” Prescott is sliding protections, alerting blitz looks, and checking in and out of plays at high conversion rates” he added.

Even New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, showed some love to Prescott with his recent comments. ” I just want to shout out Dak for really impressing me,” Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show. ” He’s playing the position in a really impressive way”. Coaches and now the future Hall of Famer are acknowledging and appreciating the level of play coming out of Dallas, knowing there are not as many competing as he is.

The mentality, swagger, and confidence he’s playing with is exactly what they need as they begin to close this season out. With him performing this efficiently and consistently, there’s a good shot the Cowboys make some serious noise in the postseason, and confidence levels should be high for Cowboys nation.

“It’s Just The”

His stretch of dominance continues to get discredited due to the level of competition. The good ole ” it’s just the” has circulated a lot after each and every performance. Here’s the reality of it, they aren’t going to play the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the 1985 Chicago Bears, or the 2007 New England Patriots each week. All he can do is play the schedule he’s presented with.

The span of games may have been a bunch of “bad” teams but he’s doing exactly what you should do against inferior teams. He’s handling his business and beating them by 30+ points, not sitting around keeping games close. He’s been pulled in seven games this season and has missed a chunk of playing time due to blowouts. Sounds like he’s exceeding expectations on Sunday.

Here We Go, What Everyone is Asking For

The playoffs basically start now for Prescott and the Cowboys. The remaining stretch is going to be a gauntlet and it’s playoff-caliber teams from here on out. They get the Seattle Seahawks this upcoming Thursday. Followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and Detroit Lions.

Sitting at 8-3 this stretch of games probably came at the perfect time. They’ll get a look at three teams they could possibly meet in the postseason and still have a shot at the division title. The “bad teams” have helped them gain much-needed momentum and they look much more complete than the ’21 and ’22 teams. If he manages to make it out this stretch undefeated while torching the defense, there’s no reason why the MVP trophy shouldn’t be sitting at his house in Texas.

Main Image: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

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